Training with professionals: The soccer camp in Spremberg inspires 45 children

A total of 45 kids from Spremberg and the surrounding area had the chance to play with football greats this week. For example, former Energy Cottbus players Jens Melzig, Nico Funchmann and Volkmar Kohli have sat on the bench as coaches. From Tuesday to Thursday, the coaching staff trained in passing, attacking, dribbling and scoring goals and there were mini tournaments. The children also went to the cinema and the pool to relax. According to Albert Schweitzer Family Works, the demand for soccer training camp has risen sharply compared to the previous year.

The Albert Schweitzer Familienwerk Brandenburg eV reported:

“Once with the professionals …” – Yes, it is possible! 45 kids from Spremberg and the surrounding area were able to play with the true football greats this week. The Albert-Schweitzer-Familywerk Brandenburg Projects Board set up a football training camp in collaboration with the social workers of Open Youth Club Spremberg and Spremberger SV 1862 eV. The coach’s jersey was worn at the club’s sporting facility on Drebkauer Strasse 13 by none other than former Bundesliga professionals such as Volkmar Kuhlee (FCVorwarts Frankfurt, UEFA Cup, FC Energie Cottbus).

Vacation fun shouldn’t be a matter of money

The three days are funded with six training modules with the help of Tafel Deutschland eV and with funding from the LIDL Deposit Donation, whereby LIDL customers can use their deposits at the click of a button to benefit from a social commitment to the value of their bottle of deposit. Families only have to pay a small fee for full board for three days and an additional daily program with a pool, cinema evening and bouncy castle – a “real sticking point” says Kai Nowak, Managing Director of Albert-Schweitzer-Familienwerk Brandenburg eV and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tafel Deutschland eV: “Due to inflation and the rising cost of living, many families simply cannot afford a vacation this year. But summer vacation is a time of special moments and we want to make it possible for children – regardless of their social or financial status.”

Practice passing, attacking and dribbling

The fact of the great need is shown by the number of registrations which rose sharply compared to the previous year when the football camp was first shown. From August 9 to 11, Volkmar Kohli’s team coaches trained in passing, attacking, dribbling and, of course, scoring – completed by sports units and minor leagues. The holiday special was organized almost independently by the social teachers of the Albert Schweizer Familienwerk Brandenburg eV’s Spremberg Youth Club. Kai Nowak: “Thank you to our staff and coaches who come here in their spare time to give the kids an experience. And last but not least, to all the people who, with supposedly small things like donating deposits, have finally made something wonderful possible.”

About Albert Schweitzer Family Works in Brandenburg eV:

The Albert Schweitzer Familienwerk Brandenburg is a charitable, non-profit organization providing online assistance to children, youth and adults since 1996. Its headquarters in Spremberg are counseling and support services, including the Early Intervention Center, Ambulatory Counseling, Multidisciplinary Outpatient, Education and Family Counseling Centre, Help Flexible Education, Individual Helpers, Open Youth Meeting Point, Offender and Victim Mediation Center and Self-Help Contact Point (KISS). Outside the home there are family gatherings in Welzow and Spremberg as well as speech therapy practice, school social work and the open workshop. The association is also responsible for the day care centers in Graustein, Groß Luja, Sellessen/Haidemühl and Schwarze Pumpe, the Sellessen/Haidemühl Center for After-School Care, the ASF Primary School “Lausitzer House of Learning” and councils for the needy in Spremberg, Wilsaw, Cottbus, Drebkau, Löppen and Lukau.

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Photo: Albert Schweitzer family, Brandenburg

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