Bungie brings new activities to Destiny 2 every season, but players finally want love for their old modes

Destiny 2 introduces new activities every season to keep players busy for a while. But despite the constant stream of new content, Loot shooter fans are finally wanting more love for their old base modes. We will tell you more about this.

What are the basic conditions? Destiny 2 has three core activities that are solidly proven in this loot shooter. This includes:

  • Vanguard playlists
  • Crucible
  • maneuver

These activities are the staples of Destiny 2, and they’re a great way for Guardians to find a variety after hours of grinding the same seasonal modes. But Guardians complain that little or nothing has been done to these basic patterns.

Maneuverability in particular suffers as no new map has been implemented for years. So if the developers continue as usual and only pay more attention to the seasons, Destiny 2 will have even bigger problems.

Players want “Nightmare Hunts” in their Strike playlist.

Destiny 2 has a lot of construction sites, but Bungie hides them

Guardians foretell of illness: On reddit, players discuss Bungie’s current policies. While the seasons get great new weapons and locations like Leviathan or even activities, well-known modes like Gambit fall by the wayside. But there are also little things to complain about:

  • Destinations are useless – no player likes to sit around patrolling or collecting resources
    • Europe has taken a good step forward, but Bungie hasn’t expanded the system to more destinations
  • The Season Pass has been deprecated and no longer provides incentives to continue grinding past level 100
  • But Bungie also stifles the mechanics of seasonal activities after its “life” is over.
    • The prime example in this case is the audacity of immortality
      • Players will no longer get exotic coins from basic activities, but they will get them on release
  • Regular playlists are very easy and outdated and can be played solo without any effort
  • Crucible has always had the same active (control) mode and after many years it doesn’t offer any versatility anymore.
Dare to Destiny Immortality2-1
The audacity and their system have enjoyed many players

So players believe that if Bungie continues down this path and does nothing for the long-running content in Destiny 2, the old content will frighten many new and old players.

Small changes will do: Players do not require huge update packages. It would be enough if Bungie gave a few bites to the Guardians.

  • Implementation of ancient maneuvering maps in Dreaming City and Tangled Bay will bring you a breath of fresh air.
  • Strikes must be leveled like a gunsmith and provide more challenge
    • The red battle has been banned from Destiny 2, leaving players wondering why these story snippets still exist in the loot shooter but the Tangled Bay hit “The Hollow Lair” has been removed
  • New maps and modes for Crucible, feel free to rotate more than once
  • Create better boost and rewards for destinations
    • Same system as Beyond Light and the icy moon Europa.
  • Rewards after Season Pass Level 100
    • For example, every five or ten levels exo or engram are bright

That’s why The Guardians are already thinking about how to keep the core activities more exciting, because Destiny 2 isn’t. Recently, player RazuriRapisu suggested on reddit Bungie putting Nightmare Hunt into his strike playlist without further ado. This would only be a small change, but it could bring a lot of variety.

Basically, these are small tweaks and not huge, new content that Bungie has to pull out of the hat.

It can then be introduced piece by piece in each continuous season. Bungie himself was happy to comment on such requests or comments on reddit, but many fans have destroyed the developer’s communication base with hate. It is therefore not possible to assess whether Bungie is not actually planning such steps.

What do you think of these comments from the community? Do you think it’s okay for players to talk about these things, or have you already given up hope on Gambit and the rest? Let’s find out in the comments!

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