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Ainbek. “There is a real lack of money,” says Katja Rachowski of Einbecker Katzenteam: Due to the coronavirus, the team that maintains the cat house in Pastorenstraße has not been able to hold a flea market since March 2020. However, animal welfare costs continue.

Before the pandemic, donors continued to provide flea market items to Team Cats that could be given out on Saturdays in Pastorenstrasse. It wasn’t a huge amount, but in aggregate and also with a great Christmas flea market came together a lot that the cat team could continue to work on.

The sales room is currently vacated, here due to be renovated and – if possible – sold again next year. To do this, of course, you must first collect things again. There’s a lot of work involved in moving, sifting, sorting, and selling at the flea market, Raschowski says.

It’s annoying when donations are placed in front of a team’s door of cats that are actually litter or dirty, eg dishes with cake still stuck to them. The neighbors were kind enough to keep an eye on the house. With its small rooms and interior yard, it is perfect for cats.

Cat Team Einbeck is a non-profit association and member of the German Animal Welfare Association. The team of ten is funded exclusively by donations and membership fees. All employees voluntarily assist 365 days a year – no expense provisions. “We pay for everything out of our pocket.”

Unfortunately, the ever-increasing costs of a vet, food, bedding, and cat house maintenance are cause for concern. Currently, 13 cats live in the house, and another 15 animals are distributed to nurseries in different places. This year there are many kittens and there are also four or five mothers.

About 40 to 45 cats are neutered each year, and one of these medical treatments alone costs several hundred euros. In a few months, for example, garbage has become a third more expensive. Due to higher energy costs, it is likely that the outdoor area where the cats also live will not be bred in the winter, and that will be very expensive, an animal rights activist takes a look at the cold season.

The cat team was able to stay afloat because an animal lover inherited something from the cat house. The amount is used for animal welfare, after all, the association is not for profit.

Time and time again, animal rights activists are confronted with cats that have been poorly kept or abandoned. Then they end up in the cat house and are nursed back to health. But also animals with “behavioural problems” that no one wants will find a place for them here.

Cats that breed and then move through gardens are also a problem. When the cat team is called in these situations, they need to cooperate. Animals must be enticed with food and then hunted so that they can be castrated. “Help is necessary.”

In the past, approximately 80 to 100 cats were taken annually, but the number has been declining since 2015, and now there are 45 to 60. Raschowski suspects that this is because kittens in particular are increasingly being offered for sale via online sales. Internet program. They are often released at a very young age, which can lead to behavioral problems.

The Cat Team strives to make animals – small or large – fit and well cared for. Only healthy animals are mediated, which also means that sometimes high veterinary costs arise. If you are interested in an animal, you are welcome to visit it. Together, you can search for the right animal.

Raschowski loves to do animal welfare. She is happy, for example, when the former “pet children”, who came to the house as children and young adults, are now ready to accommodate animals as adults, including those who may have physical or behavioral disabilities or simply not beautiful. Time and time again, according to Rachowski, there are “fantastic encounters”, for example with people who first visit the animals, get acquainted with them and then decide in their favour.

Team cat has animal food on wish list. We would also appreciate financial donations for food, veterinary medicine, and maintenance costs. At Sparkasse Einbeck, donations can be paid into the account IBAN: DE 54 2625 1425 0001 0595 83.sts

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