Stay away from wasps: with a simple trick, you will feel at peace right away

There are plenty of tips and tricks against wasps floating around on the internet. But what really helps?

Castle – hornets are a real problem for many outdoor enthusiasts, especially in summer and autumn. Because no matter whether he was in the garden, on the balcony, in the restaurant, or on the playground – after a short time, a monotonous hum announced the visit of stinging insects again.

But what is the best way to get rid of wasps? Since then, many of the tips have proven not particularly helpful. Wasps are usually completely unaffected by the copper coins placed. And one expert told our editors that the paper ball trick leaves the wasps a little cold. Pesticides can help, but they are not animal friendly and can also harm people if used incorrectly. So what is left? Now experts have given a completely different advice:

Banish wasps: With this trick, you are guaranteed to get rid of insects

To get rid of wasps quickly and easily, you only need two things: a spray bottle and water. If a wasp approaches, spray it with a few puffs of fine water mist. A subjective experiment conducted by the author showed that the trick actually appears to be effective. Wasps escape in no time. Both sprays for plant care and spray bottles of the detergent cleaning agent are suitable. But what’s behind it?

Wasp crouched on a plate of sweet elderberry jelly. Dry and sometimes hot summers favor the development of wasp colonies.

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According to experts at the State Association for the Protection of Birds in Bavaria (LBV), the flight has a simple reason: “The hornet thinks it has started to rain and is going back to its nest.” Another advantage of this method: wasps were, at least in subjective experience, not aggressive after spraying. However, two factors should be considered, as LBV also emphasizes:

  • Clean the spray bottle well before use so that the animal is not hurt
  • If the wasp gets too much water, it will not be able to fly for a short time. Here it is important to keep calm. Once the wings are dry, the insect will run away

Get Rid of Wasps: The Spray Bottle Trick Repels Insects

Another tip: You can now buy small spray bottles for your handbag or backpack online and in many stores. This saves a lot of extra baggage.

Quick Help for Wasp Stings – Simple Remedies That Work

Honey – has antibacterial properties, disinfects and relieves itching. © Oleksandr Lacon
Cooling - Cold water, an ice pack, or a bandage helps relieve pain.
Cooling – Cold water, an ice pack, or a bandage helps relieve pain. © Kristin Klose/Picture Alliance
Emergency doctor – if you have problems with blood circulation, shortness of breath and nausea, it is better not to hesitate and seek help. © Hendrik Schmidt / dpa-Zentralbild / ZB / Symbolbild
Vinegar and oil
Vinegar – compresses containing vinegar water have a cooling and disinfecting effect.
© Kristin Klose/Picture Alliance
Experts at the Rhineland-Palatinate Garden Academy advise planting onions in layers, as in lasagna. Photo: Bear Grimm
Onions – put half an onion on the sting for about half an hour. Onion juice has antibacterial properties, disinfects and relieves itching. © Bear Grimm / dpa
Plantain Report, Plantain Report
Plantain leaves – can be found in many lawns and green spaces. Squeeze, chew, or rub the leaves until some juice comes out of them or they become moist, then squeeze the sting. © F Hecker / Picture Alliance
Heat Pen – The heat pulse aims to activate various signaling pathways in the body and inhibit inflammatory reactions.
Heat Pen – The heat pulse aims to activate various signaling pathways in the body and inhibit inflammatory reactions. © Anna Bremer
A wasp flies on a window (avatar).
It bites! If it is still present, it must be removed first. © Julian Stratenschulte/Image Alliance
12% of the 37.8 million employees in Germany in 2021 worked longer than stipulated in their contract.
Be quick – measures should be applied immediately after the bite. © Ralph Hirschberger / dpa

However, once the wasps have built a nest, it becomes more difficult to drive them away. A pest control tool from Northern Hesse offers tips on how to properly handle a hornet’s nest. (Sofia Luther)

List of rules: © Peter Zschunke / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa

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