Variety for adults and children

Movement, languages ​​and creative courses: The program of the Lüdinghausen Adult Education Center has a wide range of things for adults and children in the Olfen store. Everyday life doesn’t have to be boring.

On August 29, the adult education center district in Lüdinghausen will start the new semester of the VHS. According to a press release, the new annual program has 100 courses, workshops and a good lecture ready for Olfen.

Those who are interested are invited to take training courses to enhance their health, learn languages, deepen their knowledge, design things themselves in creative courses and expand their IT skills.

In many creative courses, participants can develop their skills with pen and brush, whether it’s drawing or calligraphy. In a New Day workshop, course leader Martin Curti introduces landscape painting.

Instructor Martin Curti offers landscape painting. © Kurt

The course titled “Washed with All Water”, participants together go to a place to paint on the Lippe and create their own watercolors under the guidance. The first workshop will be held in collaboration with KuK Olfen on October 29 (Saturday).

Sewing courses for children and adults

In many sewing courses, children and adults can try out the sewing machine and design their own clothes, bags, and accessories. Participants gain photographic knowledge in a three-day basic photography course or on September 24 (Saturday) they ride their bikes and go on a photography trip along Steverauen with course instructor Gunter Nocke. Course instructor Siegfried Becker will reveal the “Secret of Good Pictures” in a one-day workshop on January 23, 2023 (Saturday).

Course coach Siegfried Becker reveals
Course instructor Siegfried Becker reveals the “Secret of Good Pictures” in a small one-day workshop. © Baker

Lectures on the large exhibitions ‘Expressionists of Folkwang’ and ‘Barbarossa’ at the LWL Museum of Art and Culture in Münster are interested parties for museum visits and offer an art-historical classification.

Notes and recordings

  • The Educational Guidance Day before the start of the semester provides information about all courses, allows grading of language and integration courses and provides preliminary information on educational leave and promotion of professional development for those seeking advice. The Educational Guidance Day will take place on August 19 (Friday) from 2-5 pm at the Bauhaus der Burg in Ludinghausen.
  • All participants must re-register for the courses. Courses start August 29 (Monday). Registration can be done online at, by mail or in person with Maria Börtz at the Olfen City Hall.
  • More information is available on the website and from Maria Börtz at 114-02595389.
  • The Adult Education Center organizes the program according to current hygiene standards and adapts the conditions to the current Corona protection regulations.

Multimedia travel reports

In Multimedia Travel Reports, curious accompanies Peter Ernst to great places in Jordan and follow Michael Moll on wonderful hiking trails across Germany. Dog lovers and dog owners will get their money’s worth in the “Course First, Then the Dog” and “How Do I Tell My Dog” courses.

In the wellness sector, participants can expect courses in yoga, back and body shaping as well as jaw and neck relaxation. As a new course coach, Juan Ayllon offers an introduction to pain reduction through bottleneck stretching according to Liebscher and Bracht. There is a practical course later that teaches the basics and effective exercises. Introductory water and swimming courses for beginners are included in the program for children.

Krav Maga is a form of self-defense that course instructor Willie Dutch brings closer to children and their parents, but also to adults and young adults. Nordic walking, tennis and line dancing courses complete the show.

In the culinary courses, those interested can learn about authentic Indo-Pakistani cuisine with Uzma Masood Butt or get a chance to speak with Dr. Annette Pom cooks together like the ancient Romans.

New language course

Terry Poirier teaches English skills especially for the holidays in the weekend course and Spanish courses are held at different levels, also in March 2023 for beginners with no prior knowledge. A new addition to the program is an integrated Ukrainian language course, which is aimed at both those interested in the language as well as volunteers and full-time employees who are in contact with Ukrainian refugees.

Anyone who needs support using an iPhone or iPad and wants to expand their knowledge of how to use their smartphone will find the right offer in the combined courses with Dirk Bärnwick. One lecture dealing with the issue of smart technologies using the example of smart homes.

Cross-site digital courses as well as day trips and study trips complement the programme.

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