Vendive launches a platform that connects fans

The global gaming boom continues. So David Vinokourov, CEO of Canada’s Fandifi Technology Corp, is full of optimism about his company’s future. This year, the testing phase of Fandifi’s fan engagement platform, which will connect fan communities around the world via social media, will begin. “Fandifi is when engagement meets real-time forecasts,” is the motto of the company, whose shares are listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN CA3024371088).

Vinokourov explains the concept: “We capture, create and arrange fan experiences.” AI-based systems ensure that content and events are tailored to the user’s personal preferences. Through the platform, Fandifi has developed a social interaction tool for developers and fans, giving them more comprehensive access to live content such as esports events, fashion shows, celebrity events and more. Vinokourov notes that “Fendevi turns fans of all stripes into great fans.” These can be sports fans and esports enthusiasts, but also followers of VIPs and celebrities or enthusiastic amateur chefs.

Via the Fandifi platform, respective fan communities can organize virtual parties, bet on the results or play themselves. There are points for their activities, for example if fans make a certain number of correct predictions – eg the outcome of a game – met. They can redeem points on an interoperable, blockchain-independent platform for NFTs — like an image of a star — and trade there.

“50,000 million NFTs worth 10 cents”

The Polygon Network offers fast and cheap transactions especially when trading NFTs. David Vinokurov relies on a global community of millions: “Our idea is not NFT rails for $50 million, but 50,000 million NFT for a large audience.” The CEO explains that mining costs less than a penny and takes less than a second.

With the innovative platform, Fandifi Technology Corp. A booming gaming market is gaining more speed as a result of the Corona crisis. The US esports market alone has 25.7 million active players and an annual turnover of $7.69 billion. E-sports is the sports competition with computer games, which is usually conducted in a multiplayer mode. “Esports thrives through the digital exchange of sports and technology enthusiasts across national borders and time zones,” explains David Vinokurov. All active services worldwide currently reach 495 million esports fans, with revenue of $148.2 billion. There are a total of 2.5 billion players worldwide generating $784 billion in sales.

Upside also in German game market

The esports market is also picking up speed in Germany. Last year, 128 million euros were delivered in Germany, and this year it is expected to increase to 180 million euros.

“But the huge esports community is just one of countless fan communities that Fandifi wants to reach and connect with,” Vinokourov emphasizes.

E-sports is a part of the gaming market. Although big business is mainly conducted in China, the United States, Japan and South Korea, the German toy market is also increasingly popular. Sales of video games in Germany increased significantly, with in-game purchases in particular driving the business.

Sales from online gaming software, graphics and hardware increased by 17 percent to around €9.8 billion. According to the Game Industry Association, the strongest growth drivers have been in-game and in-app purchases. These funds increased by 30% to 4.2 billion euros.

Of the 34.3 million Germans who play computer and video games, most people use their smartphones. According to the Statista portal, this accounts for 45 percent of all gamers, while only one in three plays on the computer and a good quarter on the console.

Every second a German plays video or computer games from time to time

The average age of players in Germany has been steadily increasing for several years. On average, the players are now 36.4 years old. But the number of players in all age groups has increased. According to figures from the Bitkom Digital Association, every second person says they play video or computer games at least occasionally. “Those who first discover games during the lockdowns will continue to enjoy them in the long run,” says Felix Falk, CEO of Game.

In Germany, the game market is primarily located in Berlin, where there is a strong developer scene with many indie studios and pioneers in the industry. The focus here is on the areas of social gaming, internet, browser gaming, mobile gaming, serious gaming, and virtual worlds.

Around 200 companies Generate a total annual sales volume in excess of the German capital 250 million euros. This includes development studios, publishers, distributors, service providers for example translation, dubbing, advertising, payment systems, etc. More and more well-known global game companies such as Ubisoft, Wooga or Bigpoint are attracted to Spree. The meeting point of the international industry, the International Games Week in Berlin, is also held here.

Strong international partners

As we have seen, the esports and gaming markets are impressive with impressive growth numbers. And Vendevi sees himself in an excellent position to take advantage of this. To this end, the company wants to promote its platform with fans around the world. A number of affiliated partnerships have already been concluded, including with Yoruba Media. In addition, Fandifi Technology Corp. In association with Blockgration Global Corp, a blockchain specialist. Agreed, which maintains large groups of blockchain and gaming users in India, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Fandifi offers its partners access to a digitally intelligent audience and other target groups. Fandifi partners also benefit from the data generated by the process. Added to this are new levels of content marketing, NFT and transaction mining, revenue sharing, and local marketing through integrated content.

The innovative and confident business model of Fandifi Technology Corp. It is already expressed in the name: as a name, Fandifi stands for a virtual place where fans share their passion or discover a new one. Vino Koro is convinced that the new term will soon also take on a life of its own as a verb for countless users around the world: “To fandify” would be synonymous when it comes to creating an event, product, activity, or sport that is close by more exciting.”

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