Drafting: Pope Francis’ Angels on the Ascension of Mary

Here you will find the address given by Pope Francis at the evangelization prayer for the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, in practical translation by Vatican Radio.

All statements of His Holiness the Pope are published on the website of the Holy See.

“Dear brothers and sisters, happy day! Happy Eid!

Today, on the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the Gospel presents us with the dialogue between Mary and Elizabeth, her cousin. When Mary entered the house and saluted Elizabeth, she said to her: “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb” (Luke 1:42). These words of faith, joy and reverence became part of “Ave Maria”. Every time we say this beautiful and familiar prayer, we do what Elizabeth did: we greet and bless Mary because she brings us Christ.

Mary accepts Elizabeth’s blessing and responds with a loud song – a gift to us, to the whole story: “Magnificat”. It is a hymn, we can define it as a hymn of hope. It is a hymn of praise for the great works the Lord has done for her, but Mary goes further: she contemplates God’s work throughout the history of his people. It says, for example, that the Lord “casts off the mighty from thrones, and raises up the humble, and gives his gifts to the hungry, and leaves the rich empty” (verses 52-53). When you hear these words, you may ask yourself: Isn’t Our Lady a little exaggerated in describing a world that does not exist? As you speak, the mighty of the world has not yet fallen: the fearsome Herod, for example, is still sitting on his throne. The poor and the hungry continue, while the rich thrive.

“The lady announces a radical change and a revolution in values”

What does this hymn of praise mean to Mary? What is his point? It is not in her interest to write about her time (she is not a journalist!), but to tell us something more important: that through her God initiated a turning point in history and finally established a new order of things. She, small and humble, glorifies her, and, as we celebrate today, ascends to heavenly glory, while the mighty of the world stands empty-handed. Think of such a rich man who at his door was a beggar named Lazarus. How did it end? He was left empty-handed… In other words, Our Lady heralds a radical change and upheaval in values.

She spoke to Elizabeth as she held Jesus in her womb, anticipating what her son would say as he proclaims blessings to the poor and the humble and warns the rich and those who depend on their self-sufficiency. Therefore, with this hymn, this prayer, the Virgin predicts that not strength, success and money will prevail, but service, humility and love. When we contemplate it in its glory, we understand that true power is service – remember that true power is service – and that dominion is love. And that this is the way to heaven.

“Am I able, like the Virgin Mary, to discern the work of God?”

Then we look at ourselves and ask ourselves: Does this prophetic reversal announced by Mary affect my life? I think love prevails Call and serve the power? Do I believe that the purpose of my life is heaven, heaven? …or am I only interested in material and earthly things? But as I observe events in the world, do I allow pessimism to dominate me, or am I, like the Virgin Mary, able to discern the works of God, who through meekness and smallness accomplishes great things?

Today, Mary sings and awakens hope in us… Because in her we see the purpose of our journey: she is the first creature to cross the finish line in heaven victoriously, body and soul. It shows us that heaven is within our reach. pardon? Yes, heaven will be at hand when we do not also indulge in sin, humbly praise God, and serve others generously. Do not give in to sin … She, our Mother, takes us by the hand, accompanies us to glory, and calls us to joy when we think of Heaven. Let us bless Mary with our prayers and ask her for a prophetic gaze capable of seeing heaven on earth.”

(Vatican News – translated by Rev. Werner DeMille)

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