Kathy Hummels often offers a mother’s love to her son, but this comes across as a cry for help

Lenny Hubner | 08/15/2022 5:06 PM

Kathy Hummels prefers to be in a good mood on occasions, but that doesn’t always work out.

Photo: IMAGO / Future Image

So far, her marriage to Mats Hummels has made her a regular success. Now Kathy Hummels is reorganizing herself. However, neither her plan nor herself seems very stable. She also expects a lot from her son Ludwig.

For a long time, it seemed as if Kathy Hummels, 34, wanted to save her marriage to Mats Hummels, 33, at any cost. She smiled away and fought the war on social media against every other woman showing off her kicker star. In the end she could not save the love, it is said that the divorce is going on. What remains is their son Ludwig (4).

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