Repel mice in the garden: a special smell that fights animals

Although a mouse looks cute with its eyes and beady nose, it often becomes a nuisance in the garden or home. You can get rid of it with some home remedies.

Dortmund – Most people do not want mice in their garden, in their house, or in their apartment. Because once it stabilizes, an entire plague of mice can develop quickly. However, there is no need to resort to poison; Instead, consumers can use natural means to flush them out.

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Get rid of mice in the house and garden: smells drive animals away

Because mice are very sensitive to smells, you can simply use products that animals don’t like—or better yet, that mice can’t smell. These include peppermint oil, such as The virtuous city mentioned. To keep rodents away, some oil can be applied to several rags. Then, they can be placed at the entrances to their caves as well as on walkways (more life hacks in RUHR24).

Vinegar is a tried and tested home remedy – it is said to be suitable not only for cleaning, but also for flushing out nozzles. A bucket of hot water can be mixed with enough vinegar to give the mixture an unpleasant odor. Anyone with nozzles in its four walls can wipe the entire floor with liquid.

Hard-to-reach areas should also be wiped. Then you can also soak a piece of cloth in the mixture and place it in front of the mouse holes. But not only mice, but also moths can be afraid of some tricks, such as mentioned.

Fighting mice: cat litter works wonders

If you have a cat as a pet, you can instead use cat litter against mice. The smell of a furry nose is usually enough to scare away a mouse. If you want to be on the safe side, you can put some cat litter in a bag and put it near the rodents.

At the same time, cat owners and all other consumers should be careful to eliminate potential food sources. Because both waste and food scraps attract mice. Snails are also attracted to food, but you can get rid of them as well. Trash cans that contain leftovers should be kept as far away from the home as possible.

Getting rid of mice in the house: prevention as a solution

In addition, consumers can ensure that all entrances are closed so that rodents cannot enter the house. Because animals often enter through an open door hatch or leaky windows, for example. Opening windows in the basement can also become a problem, as can holes in the exterior wall of the house.

There are some home remedies to get rid of mice.

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Once the mouse enters the building, the first thing to do is keep track of how and where he did it. Potential weaknesses can then usually be fixed. For example, plaster, silicone or mortar can help to make holes in the walls.

Fight mice in the garden: gas and fish repel rodents

But mice are not only a nuisance in the house, they are a nuisance to many in the garden. Because: mice gnaw everything – from root to bark. This can injure the roots and not ensure the water supply to the plants. The end of the tale: the plants in the garden wither and in the worst case die.

But even in the garden, you do not have to resort to traps or chemical agents to fight mice. Certain scents can also be used here. For example, like moles, mice hate the smell of fish. annoying my beautiful garden so help sHomemade stink bombs are made from milk, whey, or leftover fish. However, the gate reports that its impact is very limited.

Carbide is said to be the most effective – a gas that produces an unpleasant odor when in contact with moisture. An effective way to combat mice. Feature: The mice escape without getting hurt. as such my beautiful garden It states that you have to open the exit of the nozzle tunnels and put the carbide in and then close everything again so that no gas can escape. And now the rats are history—and perhaps also the ones in the adjacent park.

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