Typical properties and characteristics of a watermark

Scorpio Characteristics

In addition to the horoscopes Pisces and Cancer Scorpio will die water element Charged. Born between autumn and winter, like the seasons, it is a habit calm and serenity, But sometimes too windy and sparkling. You can do well with him philosophize We think together about the meaning of life. paint him heart fighter Who: No wonder it is ruled by two planets, Mars and Pluto. Many people fear him poisonous bite Scorpio was considered Calculation, manipulative and vengeful. This zodiac sign should not be bothered – otherwise it will be pronounced fighting spirit feel.

A watermark also has completely different properties: it is curious and passionate And the sensitive (Although he sometimes struggles to show those feelings) He can be counted on. Scorpios can’t get enough of half-truths for a second.

Friends of this zodiac sign can rest easy on one thing: their secret is always safe with Scorpio. If something bothers a Scorpio, it will be right away frankly eat it. This behavior can be offensive to some people. In addition, Scorpio analyzes everything and everyone around him with great passion. Some even talk about the truth “X-ray vision”owned by Scorpio. Ready to turn the tables? This is what your horoscope says about the strengths and weaknesses of the notorious zodiac sign.

Scorpio’s abilities

  • Daring
  • passion
  • intransigence
  • Flexibility
  • good intuition
  • reflection
  • clairvoyance

Scorpio weakness

  • opacity
  • Jealous
  • intolerance
  • croak
  • relentless
  • revenge
  • cunning

Scorpio in love

You may already be thinking: Scorpio is also a thing in love more complicated Other signs of the zodiac. Because her character is like that of other people opaque Is that Scorpios are on first dates Often misunderstood And they look fantastic. A Scorpio woman in particular can’t let herself go at first and so stays but at a distance. Scorpio yearns for it pure emotionAnd, preferably with his soul mate – he definitely has a romantic streak! He hates shallow conversations and prefers things a lot Head straight to the target. Boring little talk? There is no report on Scorpio!

The zodiac sign doesn’t necessarily need cheesy gifts or cheesy declarations of love, but once they’ve fallen in love, they don’t want to doubt their partner’s love. The same amount of tension and excitement that a Scorpio can take, a lot Safety and security would like too.

But beware: can scorpion very jealous is being. Because of his emotional intelligence, Scorpio is aware of this, but it is difficult for a Scorpio man to change this characteristic. If a water sign is in love, stand up loyalty and honesty On the top. You should not be frivolous with a Scorpio: if he even feels as soon as someone plays something on him, he will get out very quickly – and sooner or later he will take revenge.

Scorpio at work

When it comes to work, Scorpios are very demanding. So that he does not get bored, he is always looking for new people challenges. Whether it’s training, innovative projects or just changing jobs – in his career, Scorpio combines performance, versatility and excitement. This is very good for the employer: all of it purposeful The zodiac sign in the head is carried out quickly and efficiently. at work is Committed, stubborn Workaholic!

On the other hand, people with this zodiac sign need complete freedom in their work to be able to work alone and independently. Because teamwork isn’t his thing and he doesn’t like being controlled by superiors, he should instead Become self-employed. He definitely has the willpower needed for this step. In the employee relationship, Scorpio prefers the small office rather than working in an open office.

By the way: its ruling planet, Pluto, allows Scorpios to do everything mysterious Feel attracted. Therefore, it makes sense that Scorpios are not uncommon in Psychology, criminology or criminal law. With their ambition, the Scorpio man and the Scorpio woman were able to climb the career ladder to the top and achieve all career goals.

These zodiac signs are compatible with Scorpio

she has scorpions high standards In terms of relationships and partnerships. So with which zodiac sign are you in love? Scorpio needs someone who has the same stubborn qualities and a relationship in common You will not give up any price. This can work with watermark cancer. Scorpios can also be lucky in love with earth signs, such as Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo, because they share the same goals.

Scale and the twins On the other hand, after a short time, Scorpios become very superficial – they do not have enough depth for it. Also with the tower Lion There may be problems in the partnership: this often leads to unpleasant power struggles.

These are zodiac signs Complements Scorpio in love:

  • cancer
  • Capricorn
  • ox
  • Virgo

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