Luisa Neubauer responds to a tweet from the Dortmund police and defends children

Dortmund police have warned parents about traffic at the start of school. But Luisa Neubauer sees the problem in an entirely different place.

Dortmund – The people of Dortmund and their cars, love never seems greater. While a €9 ticket keeps the streets empty in other big cities in Germany, Dortmund residents continue to cheer happily through the city center on their sleds. At the beginning of the school, the Dortmund police published tips for all students on how to deal with cars. Environmental activist Louisa Neubauer doesn’t like her at all.

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Cars in Dortmund have become a problem: Police warn parents on Twitter

It’s a well-known fact that Dortmund has had a car problem for years: already on feeder motorways, such as the A2 or A1, car pushes car after car. And it doesn’t look better downtown: traffic jams as far as the eye can see, full parking spaces and drivers on the Dortmund wall characterize the cityscape. Germany’s most famous tuners, J.B. Kramer and Sidney Hoffmann, are also based in the Ruhr.

Aside from the environmental impact that cars bring with them, many vehicles also carry a significant risk – especially for children. At the start of school last week, Dortmund police gave advice to parents on Twitter for more safety on the road: “Did you know that children are often seen too late before an accident, because it is not easy to see behind parked cars, for example? Please practice. On crossing the street with children. Ask your child where it is safest to do so,” said the tweet.

In addition, a policewoman was quoted as saying that her children went to school in a “walking bus” and were equipped with fluorescent jackets. The police officer also resumed, “Pay attention to your speed. Watch out for the children. Because the road to school is safe only if everyone takes responsibility.” Then environmental activist Louisa Neubauer surrendered.

Dortmund Autostadt? Luisa Neubauer responded to a tweet from the Dortmund police

The activist, who has nearly 400,000 followers on Twitter, responded to the police tweet – apparently criticizing the fact that the city and police seemingly missed the real issue. Louisa Neubauer writes: “Cars are getting bigger and bigger, and many are taller than children. Now you can build bigger parking spaces blindly and increase restraint and deterrence of children. Or ask why children should make way for cars and not cars for children?”

The 26-year-old even takes it a step further and throws “streets of play” and “car-free inner cities” themes into the room. Luisa Neubauer has received approval for her suggestions and statement from nearly 8,000 fans, and the tweet has already been retweeted nearly 900 times.

While the environmental activist always laughs at her statements, many fans celebrated her counterattack on the Dortmund police: “How ignorant and controversial can you be? Luisa is absolutely right,” for example, one follower wrote.

Traffic in Dortmund: the city fights the car problem with RS1 and 30 zones

“Car-free inner cities” – the Ruhr region is still far from it. Just a few weeks ago, for example, a pilot project was launched in Dortmund As for renting a cargo bike in Kreuzviertel and Unionsviertel is over again – the future is uncertain.

Environmental activist Luisa Neubauer responded to a tweet from Dortmund police.

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After all: in September, a decision was made on 30 zones in large parts of the city center of Dortmund, and the first section of the “RS1” motorway was recently opened in Kreuzviertel. But to put it in the words of Luisa Neubauer: “In the climate crisis, Ferrari meets Bobby Carr. The pace of destruction is so much faster than the pace of protection that you can never even get close to that, a child understands.”

List of rules: © Rüdiger Wölk / Imago, Future Image / Imago, collage: RUHR24

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