Tamadog: Next Stage Reached – $2M Pre-Sale Reached

The Tamadoge team has successfully skipped the next pre-sale phase and thus successfully completed the first phase. To date, $2 million has been raised to raise capital. During the Beta PreSale period, TAMA sold for $0.01 each. Now is the time to ignite the next stage.

So continues Tamadoge

Originally, the demo was supposed to run for four weeks. But in the first two weeks, about 1 million US dollars were raised to raise capital. Now, just a few days later, the end of the beta pre-sale has already been reached with the taking of $2 million USD.

Anyone who doesn’t own Tamadoge yet but definitely wants to invest can breathe a sigh of relief now. The next batch of 100 million tama is already ready for sale. However, the purchase price is now 25% higher – that’s $0.0125 (that’s about €0.012 – so definitely in the manageable range). About 200 million tokens have been sold so far. However, 1 billion Tamadoge has been reserved for PreSale. The remaining 800 million will be distributed into eight different tranches of 100 million coins each. After each successfully completed stage, the sale price increases by 25%. So at the final stage, the selling price is $0.03. The makers of Tamadoge want to raise about $19 million in capital and go ahead with the planned Tamaverse.

This is why Tamadoge PreSale is so interesting to investors

Given the artificial shortage of Tamadoge in the pre-sale involved, development should be dynamic, especially if a sale is imminent. Then the investors concerned will surely want to secure Tamadoge at a lower price.

Strong societal growth

Meanwhile, the community surrounding the new meme coin has grown significantly. There are currently about 21,000 people in a Telegram group. The official Tamadoge account has around 40,000 followers on Twitter. In order to speed up the growth a bit, the developers are now starting to donate $100,000. This may certainly spread in the networks and increase interest in pre-sales once again.

Menus and demo app

Tamadoge’s CEX and DEX listings have already been fixed, namely Uniswap and LBank. The beta version of the Tamadoge Battle App is also scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter

What is Tamadoge anyway?

Tamadoge is a new Play2Earn game that has its own metaverse – Tamaverse. At the heart of the platform are Tamadoge’s pets, NFT’s virtual pets. They are shaped as a child and each of these pets has individual strengths, weaknesses and values. The more the player takes care of his pet, the better the Tamadoge pet will develop. For example, you can buy clothes, feed and cosmetics at the store. Payment is made at TAMA. Incidentally, a small percentage of the received tokens are burned to prevent hyperinflation.

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