Vegetarian today, vegan tomorrow: 15 meatless tweets that whet your appetite

Soy sausage! Schnitzel Seitan! Almond milk! If you don’t have a thick, throbbing vein in your temples yet, you’ve come to the right place: Welcome to a new round of “Just Let Me Eat What I Want.” It is a fun social game where people eat a product without animal additives and count the seconds until someone asks them about it. There are special points for the battle terms “chemistry”, “organic” and “health”. Because we know: ground beef is stirred together in nuclear depots, while bear sausage is made in ethically correct meat factories. no? Did not matter. In any case, it is not easy to feed yourself without the suffering of animals. So not because of a lack of alternatives, but simply because you can never find peace and quiet. Except for us, of course. Here we are now offering a meat-free break made with 15 purely vegetarian slices. *perch and away*

#1: But bacon does, right?

#2: Because they don’t support them infinitely here

#3: A Family Reunion Should Be Awesome

#4: Where have you been all these years?

No. 5: Renewable resource

Number 6: By the way, that means Wurscht

#7: That’s easy

#8: With Clemence Tounis as Mephisto

#9: We Never Eat Sugar!

#10: Run the dinosaurs

11: Has anyone said anything about freedom?

Method #12: They have a lot of time because the hardening of the arteries from animal fat increases long-term erection problems.

Number 13: We want the solution

#14: If you swap three letters in ‘Spinner’, you get ‘Pionier’.

No. 15: It’s Too Tough

What color is green and does it smell like fish? exactly:

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