Hornet alarm in Coburg? Woman reporting aggressive animals

  • Coburg: Describe the citizen Aggressive wasps incidents
  • “That alone loud hum it’s beautiful scary“: woman running away from insect
  • Horror hornet in the area? Others also reported their experiences
  • An expert with an urgent warning: Should nor any way an act

They are turning to snacks, ice cream, cake and beer: a lot of people are feeling good now wasps frankly bothered. Meanwhile, Coburg has also been strengthened wasps Note that this makes life difficult. “The buzzing sounds alone are scary,” explains a woman in the Coburg Facebook group. Describe the experiences aggressive animals. Wasps are acting on their feelings this year ‘Somewhat aggressive’.

Coburgers report unpleasant encounters with hornets – ‘I was only stung on Saturday’

A woman from Coburg reported online about her recent encounter with a pedant insect. She has wasps in Coburg Market Square outright attack She constantly flew at her – “So I can then briefly to flee It was on.” Her conclusion about the wasps: “I must say that I really respect them. Other users have reported similar incidents – some have ended worse.

It was only Saturday tablet, really aggressive,” another woman wrote on Facebook. Today I had to do it to the doctorthe feet get bigger and bigger with blisters “Result:” Now we only eat inside, I have fed up of creatures. “An isolated case? Or are there really more hornets ready to attack this summer than usual? You can even tell one wasp horror to speak? inFranken.de Follow it.

Are there really more hornets and hornets in the Franconian regions this year? “With regard to wasps, it is clear that the question can be answered in the affirmative – This one year wasp yearExplains Frank Reißenweber, who is responsible for protecting species and vital habitats in the Coburg District Office. According to the expert, number of wasps slightly increased. “This is because of the high temperatures and drought,” Reißenweber says in an interview. inFranken.de.

Heat and less rain ensure an increase in wasps and hornets

The German hornet and the common hornet in particular will be causing a “little noise” in 2022. Which – which warm weather and the Lack of rain led to the establishment of a successful nest. “There is almost no more death,” says the biologist. The result: “There are more animals. They are more active.” In the end, this also applies to wasps. “There is only so much more this year. That is why you will more annoyed”, the expert confirms the assumption of many ordinary people. Reißenweber at the same time emphasizes: “But the animals are not aggressive, at best stubborn.

According to the expert, hornets and hornets are not usually aggressive – especially when they are eating. Sometimes it looks different when they defend their nest. “Your presence prick However, only if they are in the body and life threatened feel,” Reißenweber asserts. Hornets can be very aggressive in the immediate vicinity of the nest. “Accidents with people rarely happen in open areas.” something different “accidents” For example, when an animal gets tangled up in a cyclist’s shirt and can’t find its way out.

Somebody sting from waspsThis isn’t usually dangerous. “A wasp sting hurts more than a wasp sting and is really uncomfortable,” explains the biologist. “but also 100 stitches You can survive. “Anyone who has been stung and does not have an allergic reaction to it can treat themselves well – for example by using ointment Or what’s equivalent to it jelly. “Also cut one an onion As a good old home recipe. “Modern treatments like a heat penwhich briefly warms the skin, may also reduce the effects of an insect bite. Cooling pads also help with swelling.says Reissenweber.

An expert with an urgent warning: You should never do it with wasps

In order to avoid a sting at all, there are a number of tips with which wasps and hornets can be perfectly repelled. For example, should light sourcesto be avoided if possible Reason: “Hornets are magically attracted to lamps at night, so they are completely disoriented Reißenweber explains. “They probably sting.” The fly screen can help here. It is also possible clove In combination with one lemon slice Or garlic with basil.

Be a distraction too grape slices It is conceivable, says the expert. According to him, the use of hornets is also effective against unwanted wasps small water sprinklers. Then the animals think it is raining and disappear. However, according to Reißenweber, there is one thing you should definitely not do. “Never blow on animals!”, warns the expert of the Coburg district office. “They consider it a serious attack. It can happen in the lip Sting.” On the other hand, slow hand movements are best to keep insects away.

Conclusion: due to the continued high temperatures and the lack of precipitation at the same time, there were more hornets and hornets this summer than in previous years – also in the Coburg region. from the truth “horror hornet” However, that cannot be the question. Sometimes the insects appear aggressive – but they usually only sting when they feel attacked.

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