Lahntal Mayor Election: CDU candidate Doris Hellberger

Born in Marburg, she has been working in the city administration of Marburg since she began her training 40 years ago and has also lived in the city, the southern district and in the upper town for a very long time. Then it felt like changing. You must go out to the county. It was a coincidence that Caldern was in Lhenthal of all places. Coincidentally, Doris Hillberger appreciates it more and more. “I can’t say anything other than I feel very comfortable here,” says the 58-year-old.

Unfortunately, Corona has made it difficult for her to get to know the environment and the place better over the past two years. What you know, you love him very much. And not just Caldern, but the entire Lahntal community. Unlike Marburg, she could actively live out one passion in Lahntal: she could engage in politics. And it’s already on the fast track a little bit. It is just right at the right time.

Citizen participation should not be just a word

When the 2021 local elections were due, she offered the CDU, her political home, to be on the slate. And so she began her domestic political work. It not only moved to the new Lahntal Parliament, but also recently to the District Council. Just like Lahntal Mayor Manfred Abel.

So she’s working with the man she’d like to take up in Lühenthal at the district level because of the SPD-CDU alliance. Things in Lahntal are a little different. Doris Hilberger wants to design and develop her ideas and doesn’t easily follow the mayor’s line.

It’s not supposed to be so. The CDU doesn’t want to carry on with the longstanding mayor spirit, it wants to try new things. “Wishing to do something different doesn’t mean the current mayor has done everything wrong. Sure, Henthal owes him a lot, but it doesn’t always have to continue like this,” says Hellberger. She advocates a different approach and looks forward to presenting it to interested Lahntal citizens during the election campaign.

She wants to not only use the word “citizen participation” in the election campaign, but wants to brand civic engagement, not understanding it as a media event, but really as participation. “This means that citizens must be involved at an early stage so that their ideas can be taken into account,” she adds.

She is sure that the citizens would like it if they knew early on what was going on in the community. This is the transparency that has long been requested, which should extend from municipal administrations to citizens. To do this, the municipality must also continue to evolve digitally, she points out. And the dead spots of Lahantal should disappear.

“I want to motivate, and take the citizens with me, but I also take the administration with me. And if no common solutions are found, then you have to explain to people why something is not working in order to at least achieve acceptance. .Everyone gets the same information at the same time.” After all, we also want to work together, so we should have the same information.”

I slept dear hental on Hellberger

Not only is Doris Hellberger active in the Lahntal Parliament and in the District Council, she was recently re-elected as one of 14 evaluators to the CDU Council during the CDU Marburg-Biedenkopf party conference. One more thing is very important to her: she wants to be the mayor of Henthal because she grew up fond of this community and chose it as her home, which she now wants to help shape into a very responsible position. “Now is the time to deal with this project. It can and will only be done here in Lahenthal,” she says.

However, Doris Hillberger does not focus exclusively on politics: it is communicative. She loves to be among people, loves to sing, joins the choir. She prefers to explore her new home on foot; There you have time to perceive everything correctly. And she doesn’t disdain the bike either. But this is still in Leverkusen with her fiancé. “I’ll probably bring her here,” she says. In fact, love always guarantees a real change of scenery. Perhaps no comparison has been made between Leverkusen and Henthal before. Her fiancé lives not far from the football field. “We’ll go there together,” she says. Even if she’s not a proven fan, she loves the Bayer team and keeps her fingers crossed.

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