Moon sign: how to spot it and what it says about you

The Moon sign provides information about our emotional world, our personality, and our subconscious mind. Here we explain how to determine your moon sign and how you can relate it to your sun sign and your ascendant.

Zodiac, zodiac and zodiac signs: world Astrology It allows us to delve deeper into Character Structures and our trains Letter Dive in and show us why we are what we are. While our sun sign, also known as the zodiac sign we use to consult our horoscope every day, defines our visual personality with our fellow human beings each day, our rise says something about how we are understood by people who don’t. t yet see us know.

The charisma we have for friends and family can be different from that of strangers. So the zodiac ascendant Also referred to figuratively as the coat we put on every day before leaving the house. We only take it out with people we trust.

This pair of two Sun sign and ascension Another sign is assigned to astrology, the so-called moon sign. This is in character exploration They are so important that we often don’t notice them directly. But that doesn’t make it any less exciting.

What is the moon sign?

for you moon sign points out Zodiac sign where the moon wasWhen were you born However, in the calculation, your birthday is not enough, as with your sun sign, other things are also taken into account.

Next to the day you were born he is too Exact birth time as well as place of birth need. By the way, this data can be used not only to calculate the sign of the moon but also to calculate your ascent. If you don’t know your traits yet, you’ll discover two interesting personality traits about yourself. You can use this data to create your profile natal chart It can be calculated using several online tools or you can enter the information into a tool to determine your moon sign.

What does the moon sign mean?

give you your moon sign Information about your subconscious. It is invisible to you or others, it is hidden deep within you. It affects you daily decisionsdirect you intuition and enriches you emotions. Everything that happens inside you subconsciously can be traced back to your moon sign. especially regarding Feelings and emotional Your moon sign can help you understand and interpret it.

Have you succeeded in determining your moon sign? then one of Twelve zodiac signs before you. Nothing is like the other and now it says something about you intuitive work And your subconscious mind. Scroll to the moon sign assigned to you and learn more about your hidden side.

Moon Aries

people with Moon Aries it’s a lot emotional people. You are full of strength, for fun and you hate sitting at home alone. You want to go out into the world, try something, have a romantic relationship, and follow your passions. Before making rash decisions, try to consult your mind and look right and left before making critical decisions.

Moon sign Taurus

in the subconscious mind Moon sign Taurus These are the qualities that can be appreciated reliability And the sincerity firmly entrenched. you stay yours Value Loyal and of course you are very tradition conscious. You want to stick to these traditions – no matter what – at all costs. At this point, the stubbornness of Taurus makes itself felt. You are They prefer safety over adventure, but in this respect you are preventing an exciting life in which you can develop yourself, learn from others and grow internally. Make room for the unknown in your life, too. It makes life so much more worth living than falling into a tried-and-true routine. And if this exciting life wasn’t for you, you just came back.

Moon Gemini

who – which Moon Gemini characterized by Curiosity so is thirst for knowledge Outside. Stagnation is the ultimate horror of the character, he needs goals in life, something to work towards. I was very the calling personSomeone who finds it easy to meet new people. You should also apply this relaxing technique to your emotional world. You prefer to weigh the pros and cons before you trust your instincts. It won’t be wrong and will ensure that you always make the right decisions without even knowing it. When it comes to emotional matters, think with your gut more than your mind.

The moon is a sign of cancer

Breaking out a cancer is just as hard in a seafood restaurant as it is in astrology. Not without reason he wears his hard shell to protect himself from the outside world. people with The moon is a sign of cancer it’s a lot sensitive characters. However, they manage to hide that cute side by initially appearing cool, professional, and unemotional. The foul words that hit them so hard still pierced their armor and hurt them badly. Moon sign people give Cancer a second chance to these people, but if they miss it, Cancer walks away. He goes his own way most of the time, which is something that others envy. However, at the end of your journey, you yearn not for life alone, but for life in a loving family. cancer Likes to take care of othersAs long as he expects the same from them.

The moon signs Leo

who – which The moon signs Leo just brag authenticity And the Leadership. When you enter a room, most people immediately turn around because your energy is immediately absorbed by you. But you don’t just have a sleeping boss inside of you. You have the knack of putting together a team of colleagues or friends, no matter who holds the position. You are a gift trustAnd the Wafaa and respect every person. You have a very strong connection to your inner emotional world. You like to wear it on the outside to make you friendly. You need a lot of space and Attention.

Moon Virgo

people with Moon Virgo love the feeling Home warmth, security and care. Virgo Moon sign does not see themselves as a lone fighter, but rather as part of society and family, and often are Link between the conflicting parties. The sympathetic being wants helpsWhere can – no task is too difficult or dirty for a Virgo. Unfortunately she lost herself in this The role of the sacrifice quickly out of sight. People with the Virgo Moon sign should not neglect to relate to their own feelings, because those who pay enough attention to themselves can be there for others.

Moon sign Libra

The moon was when you were born Libra? You are very likely popular characterWhich people like to be surrounded by. for you In an uncomplicated and balanced manner make you Attentive listener or attentive listenerYou always act sincerely, and so do you reliable method Friends and colleagues appreciate you. Prefer to avoid big drama and gossip, harmony very important to you. for you sense of justice Your subconscious leads you to Arbitration RoleYou are impartial You always find the one in the arguments Diplomatic method.

Moon sign Scorpio

people with Moon sign Scorpio Feel very sharp. Emotions take up a lot of space in your life, but you know how to interpret it correctly. surrounding you positive feelings Like love and passion, but there is someone who sleeps deep inside you The ruthless jealous side. In the middle of your emotions sense of detailFor beauty and perfection. You can apply it to all areas of your life. You can never get into a lukewarm relationship with someone, you need them Unconditional love and one hundred percent. You also look at yourself with this critical eye, trying to see perfection even in supposed flaws.

Moon sign Sagittarius

If the moon is at the time of your birth zodiac sign Sagittarius Standing up, you enrich your environment your environment A cheerful, optimistic and curious personality. People with the Sagittarius Moon sign strive for growth and developmentThe past does not concern her except in the rarest cases. What they need is a file targetingWhat to work for. You have the inner power to change the world through you insistence and yours fighting spirit You can do great things. Use your intuition and enthusiasm, you can always count on them.

Moon sign Capricorn

people with Moon sign Capricorn be lone fighters. for you independence It is your most sacred asset, you will not give it up for any money in the world. You may not be aware of this at first, because this value is deeply rooted in your subconscious mind. Accept help from others? No thank you. But at the same time you are always there when friends or family need you. Asking for help around you is not a sign of weakness, quite the opposite. You have the same right to ask for helpthat you provide to others.

Moon Aquarius

If the moon is at the time of your birth Aquarius You are just too happy to break with tradition. Hierarchies constrain you, and traditional suburban life gives you anxiety. There is a subconscious mind inside of you We urge freedomLove fancy, away from the mainstream. This rebellious side comes with you unbound spiritand for travels around the world want or one atypical function Seek. However, if the moon sign Aquarius finds an interesting partner, they can also associate themselves with a place and person. This is also possible. Aquarius should not be limited in its actions.

Moon sign Pisces

people with Moon sign Pisces considered as Sensitive, sympathetic and loving. Their only problem: for them special needs stand up. They much prefer to please others and put themselves and their love life behind. The beneficial side of Pisces is not a weakness, but if you focus too much on the well-being of others, your feelings and needs will collapse. Your Moon sign is dedicated to Pisces? attempt, Make decisions in your head more ofteninstead of the stomach. This rethink can bring you closer to yourself.

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