But the animal shelter won’t let Marlon go after seeing the apartment

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A woman from Friedberg wants to take Marlon the cat from the animal shelter. But the animal shelter in Rödgen uses the veto. This is the reason for the failure of animal mode.

Bad Nauheim – A woman from Friedberg wants to get a cat from the animal shelter. But after an employee searches the apartment, mediation is refused. This caused conflict.

If you want an animal from an animal shelter, in most cases you must prove that you can provide a suitable home for the animal. Therefore, staff of animal shelters often visit potential pet owners, look at the apartment and use many factors to assess whether it is a suitable home for animals, as reported by fnp.de.

In Bad Nauheim, this mediation process recently led to a conflict – after the animal keeper of the Rödgener animal house decided that the chosen cat would not be adopted.

When is an animal adopted from an animal shelter and when is it not? In the event of a hangover, there was a conflict between a woman from Friedberg and an animal shelter Vieiro in Rügen. SYMBOL © RED

The cat is waiting to be mediated – he’s been at the shelter since the apartment was vacated

Engelt Baum has written to the WZ editors about this. As I mentioned, the cat saw Marlon in the newspaper in the “We’re looking for a new home” section. It read: “Marlon, a neutered cat born around 2016, is looking for a home in which he can first settle down in peace. Marlon was secured during the evacuation and taken to the shelter.”

Because of the events, he was still very upset and withdrew from the staff. “Since Marlon apparently hasn’t had many good experiences with people yet, the team at the Wettrau animal shelter in Bad Nauheim-Rügen are looking for an experienced and patient cat home.”

Engelt Baum writes: “After the death of my beloved cat, I visited my six-year-old cat, Marlon, at the Waitero animal shelter in Rodgen.” And: “I fell in love with Marlon right away. I think it’s mutual, because Marlon comes to me as soon as I call him, he’s already eating off my hand.”

Marlon the cat failed to lay down after an animal shelter employee visited

She visited him at the animal shelter five times and was looking forward to being able to receive him soon. “But after an animal shelter worker visited my house, she refused to let me have Marlon. The reason given is that everything has been built for me, I live in a new development area in Friedberg.” Yes, Baum says, “I have been living with cats for 40 years.” year, and they have all reached a proud age. I can give Marlon a good, comfortable, cat-friendly home, certainly better than what he has at the shelter.”

She understands and believes that it is good to “check exactly to whom you leave an animal.” But that’s precisely why, she says, “I can’t understand why they wouldn’t want to give me Marlon.”

Animal Shelter Wetterau: “Conditions on site are not suitable for this animal.”

According to the animal shelter, the lack of mediation has nothing to do with the owl and her home itself. It’s up to the cat Pom chooses: “The house is fit for cats,” says Regina McGee, an animal keeper, who was with Pom for the initial checkup. “But for Marlon, this downright shy cat, the territory is inappropriate. There are houses everywhere on the left and right.”

It is also a playground where children play. On the other hand, the Marlon cat needs a quiet area “with a chance to retreat” – such as a nearby woodland or meadow. With very shy cats, it is important that the environment is calm.

Marlon is now slowly arriving at the animal shelter, as well as coming to the staff and accepting rewards. This also means that he is completely relaxed. It is only present in the room with one cat, and they also have an external enclosure. The other cat is very people oriented, so Marlon could learn something from that.

Animal placement denied – Decision made by Animal Shelter team

Ultimately, says McGee, the decision for or against mediation is always one made as a team. In Marlon’s case, a joint decision was made against mediation.

The president of the Tierheim Wetterau (the supporting association for the animal shelter in the Rödgen region), Heiko Färber, was behind the decision. He says, “As an animal shelter, we have an obligation to the animals we adopt. We stick to this by doing our best to put the animals in the right place.” The decision is made by trained animal keepers. With Marlon, it was a matter of consideration: “We saw the conditions at the site and said : It does not fit this animal.

But for Engelt Baum, the decision is incomprehensible. For Marlon, she says, a home was better than a room at an animal shelter. After canceling, I looked elsewhere. I recently got a cat from a cat house in Bad Neuheim. (Sabrina Demon)

Situations like this are not the only reason for rejecting animal adoptions – animal adoptions are routinely stopped before Christmas Eve.

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