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Podcasts and children’s radio plays: With these 6 recommendations, the holiday trip becomes a children’s game

Do kids get impatient when traveling on vacation? Simple solution: put on a podcast or radio play and hope that the little ones will love it. Chances are at least good if you stick with these six recommendations from our editors.

Traveling on vacation can be stressful. Especially if you have children with you. Some of us know it from a parent’s point of view (“How long?”—that’s all we need to say, right?), others from a back-seat perspective. Now if you had a podcast that only made the kids listen for hours. And who at the same time doesn’t start to get on your nerves even as an adult… Here are six podcast recommendations from our editorial team that won’t boring you or your kids.

Broadcast with your mouse to listen to it

Let’s start with the absolute classic. You know it, and your kids probably know it too: the mouse. WDR publishes a new episode every day (every 1 hour) with well-known laughs and real-life stories, lots of music and of course the Mouse and the Elephant. Just – we have to be honest – the rather odd choice of music (eg, the August 18 episode: “Tanz den Pepitans”) might piss you off at some point. But if the little ones love it and find nostalgia at the same time…

Ask Hanna Baba – podcast for kids and curious parents

How does an avalanche form? What is the ozone layer? Why do cats always land on their paws? The questions Hannah Chamberger constantly asks her father, Thomas, is in the stomach. However, he is not bothered by this, rather he prepares the answers in short episodes, of which he posts one every day. Kids and parents can learn something from this podcast. Or do you know right away if the pigs are sweating?

Aunt fairy tale

Of course, we don’t have to learn anything from everything. When it comes to vacation, relaxation should be the daily arrangement. So why not start it out while driving? On her podcast, fairytale aunt Alexandra Mattis reads bedtime stories like she used to (which can also come in handy for car rides). Podcast feature: Stories vary in length, so you always have to find the right one. But be careful: As a father or mother, don’t focus too much on the story and nod away while driving.


Kakadu is a children’s program at Deutschlandfunk Kultur. The programs are very diverse and never make the trip boring. There will be discussions, reports will be experienced or puzzles will be solved. In addition, radio plays are presented on topics that are not only of interest to children. Among other things, it deals with questions such as: Why do mosquitoes suck our blood? Or: How does electricity enter the socket? Each episode is approximately 25 minutes long.

The three???

It’s not officially a podcast, but it’s still unbeatable if you ask us. The perfect radio play to go on vacation. Stories that captivate not only children, but adults as well. Whether you’re listening to old episodes from the 80s or new releases, you won’t be able to tune in to the adventures. The 217 episodes that have appeared so far are simply too much for that. If you are still able to do it – though – go to TKKG and it will continue in exactly the same way.

Stories for children aged 2-7 years old by Sigicid

You probably know the lovable characters of sigikid. However, Emmala, Hase Huberto Hummeltal, and her friends are also available as a podcast. Your children can accompany the heroes on their adventures. Episodes last between 10 and 15 minutes and are intended for a younger age group (but can be fun for older adults too).

You see, there is something for everyone in the kids podcast – even for parents. In addition to this choice, there are, of course, many other names that we could have called. For example, the dog podcast “Human Animal” by Martin Rütter or CheckPod by the well-known Checker Tobi.

But above all: drive with caution (no matter how exciting we recommend the three???)!

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