Cycling, swimming and water skiing on Lake Bartowitz in Lusatia

Bathing fun for young and old

The beach is located in the southern basin, ideal for families with children, as the bottom of the bathing area slopes relatively flat. This beach is also a dream for Max, who does not like to swim far. If you’re planning a day off at Lake Bartowitz, you should have plenty of sunscreen and an umbrella in your luggage. Some shrubs and small trees provide shade, but these places are not enough and therefore are in great demand. You can see many happy babies on the water with air mattresses of all colors and shapes. Some sports enthusiasts are outside with a standing paddle board. At the entrance to the beach there is a drinks cart with cold drinks. what do you want more?

Ride and Eat at the Bartwitzer Hof

After cooling off in the lake, our bike tour continues. A few kilometers from the bathing resort, we notice a small field. In fact, about 60 horses live on the horse farm.

The Partwitzer Hof offers adventure rides – both for the absolute beginner and the advanced. “You don’t have to have any prior knowledge. It’s just the feeling of sitting on a horse. Big or small, age doesn’t matter – you just have to be brave,” explains owner Karen Mitke. Beginners are led on a lead rope and advanced riders can “steer” the horse themselves.

You don’t have to have any prior knowledge. It’s just the feeling of sitting on a horse.

Karen Mitke
Owner Bartwitzer Hof

For those who don’t want to explore the area on horseback, rickshaws and charapanc rides are also available. If you are interested in such a trip, you should book a place by mail or phone.

We haven’t even done half our tour yet, but we’re already starting to get hungry. Right next door, at the Partwitzer Hof, you can enjoy comfortable wooden benches. More than 100 guests can be seated here. In high season, you must reserve a table in advance. Max orders “Potato Soup with Crunchy Bread and Herb Oil”. For me, there’s the “colorful garden tomato with watermelon, buffalo, mozzarella, and basil.” This light fare is just right for our next projects.

The highlight of the Partwitzer See: the surfing base

Well shielded, you can now really get started! You already promised in the beginning that Partwitzer See will tempt you with a lot of work. Already on the way to the base of the jet ski we hear the sound of noisy engines in the distance. Especially Max’s fingers tingly because he’s never really rushed through the water in such a car. I sat on a jet ski many years ago and know it takes a little practice to get a feel for it. Once you get there we are amazed by the relaxed atmosphere with sun loungers, summer music, white beach and cold drinks – a pure holiday feeling!

Even those who don’t want to go surfing can sit for a while and enjoy the view and watch the sometimes crazy drivers on the water. Dirk Lehmann has been a passionate jet ski driver and owner of a Jet Ski base at Bartowitz Lake since 2009. He’s already touring in his fast car on the lake and showing us some nimble maneuvers. These “stunts” that he does on the water are simply impressive!

Upon arriving at the shore, he radiates the joy of life that immediately jumps out at us. “It’s something different than riding quad bikes or motorcycles,” he says. “It’s a very special thing. It just feels! It’s a little stressful when you’re driving at full speed, but you don’t have to hit the gas pedal all the way.”

It is different from riding quad bikes or motorbikes. It is very special. It’s just a feeling! It’s a little tiring when you’re driving at full speed, but you don’t have to depress the gas pedal fully.

Dirk Lyman
owner of a jet ski base

Cue is that you don’t have to go full throttle and you can also cruise slowly! But you don’t have to be slow either. “The faster you ride, the more stable you’ll be on the water with a jet ski,” Lyman adds. It is also possible to tour the designated areas without a boat license and from the age of 18. For Max and myself, it’s clear: we have to test it out completely! Dirk Lehmann first gives us a theoretical brief and explains the path of the buoys on the map. Tension before the first flight is already increasing. I think everyone noticed that.

Now nothing stands in the way of fun!

The theory follows the practical part – right on the water. It’s actually quite simple: accelerate with the lever on the right side, there’s no brake – the car slows down abruptly as soon as you take your finger off the accelerator. We don’t go alone, Dirk Lyman is nearby with another jet ski and does a few laps with us. After about ten minutes, I had a safe place and started enjoying this moment on the water. I just clear my head and forget everything around me. On top of that, there’s a kick of adrenaline! Max feels the same way. But he also says, “Just getting started without practice isn’t as easy as it sounds. Without Dirk’s advice I would definitely have ended up in the water.”

Enjoy great views on the road by bike

We don’t regret taking bikes with us. This is the best way to explore the landscape around the lake. On the way we stop at Barbara Canal. This connects the Geierswalder and Partwitzer lakes. There is a number on the bridge railing. If you want to wish you luck, touch him. Saint Barbara is the patron saint of miners.

On a bike tour there are always rest stops with great lookout points, perfect for a picnic! We are also fortunate enough to be able to experience a truly amazing sunset here. Thank you Barbara!


A trip to the Partwitzer See is highly recommended, both for active and relaxed vacationers as well as for campers! Some camper rides are located directly on the water. Unfortunately, we only managed a fraction of what we actually wanted to experience, because there is so much to discover here: quad tours, guided flights for sightseeing or tandem skydiving, to name a few. Time passes quickly over and into the water. Max and I have made it our goal to be back next summer at the latest.

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