Five love languages ​​- which language is mine?

What are the five love languages?

by Gary Chapman were total 5 love languages Knowledge that applies to every human being:
  1. gifts – For many people, giving gifts is a matter of the heart. You love giving gifts to your loved ones and you are very pleased with the giving. These gifts don’t have to be theater tickets or expensive jewelry. It is often enough to have chocolate from the store or a prepared breakfast.
  2. praise and appreciation – Compliments over compliments, many of their partners bathe in them. For these people, constant declarations of love are also the language of their love.
  3. Teamwork – It’s time for two people only. For many, spending exclusive time with the other person is a testament to their love and affection. If you take time for each other, you can also grow the partnership. Often in the form of date nights or breakfast together.
  4. Willingness to help – I am always there for you and will help you in whatever I can. This is how many express their love. Such people try to relieve their partner of the small burdens of everyday life, even if it is just carrying shopping bags.
  5. Tenderness and tenderness – For some people, touches such as hugs, caresses and kisses are evidence of their love for another person. They focus entirely on their partner’s needs.

5 Love Languages ​​Quiz – Which one do you speak?

So many beautiful ways to express your love for each other, but what is the language of love actually? Often the points cannot be excluded from each otherbecause everyone usually talks Multiple languages ​​for love. However, one is usually always particularly clear. Using these phrases, you can find out which language of love you speak for yourself.

  • Hugs, kisses and sex. I have to always be very close to my partner so that I can see my love for certain.
  • I would like I do everything for my partnerpreferably so that he no longer has to worry about anything.
  • I love to surprise my partner with me gifts whether tangible or immaterial.
  • date nights And so on time together It is the most important thing in partnership for me.
  • give praise so is Expressing affection with words It is the most important way for me to express my love.

Depending on the phrase that applies to you, speak the following love language: 1) Tenderness. 2) help; 3) gifts. 4) spending time together; 5) Praise and appreciation

What are the love languages ​​compatible with?

You now know your love language and would like to know which love language your current or future partner should have? explain here Any love languages ​​complement each other well.

  • to her “The main language of love“It must also be present in the other or in the other.
  • harmony: One speaks the same language of love

not enough? Find out more about the five love languages ​​here!

These pairs of the five love languages ​​complement each other very well:

  • Willingness to help And the Praise and recognition
  • gifts And the Willingness to help
  • Tenderness and tenderness And the Teamwork
  • Praise and recognition And the gifts

5 languages ​​for love and intimacy

While it may seem that the point of tenderness and physical touch is the most intimate, this is not necessarily the case. with the 5 love languages We express our affection and affirm our love. So it is not necessarily said that other couples who give each other a lot of affection in daily life have a more satisfying sex life.

Conclusion – 5 Love Languages: Many Languages ​​Harmonize

There are 5 different love languages, basically Always able to coordinate well. The only problem can be when you don’t appreciate the other person’s language enough or react negatively to it.

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