JBL Reflect Flow tested

We looked at JBL’s in-ear Bluetooth headphones for kids 10 and up and tested the JBL Reflect Flow model, the successor to the JBL Wave 200 TWS headphones. JBL Reflect Flow headphones are some of the most popular headphones from the US manufacturer. It’s a matter Wireless headphoneswhich has a charging station built into the scope of delivery in the form of a case, which is also suitable as a transportation option.

JBL in-ear headphones for kids

The focus of the model is on high wearing comfort and long-term use thanks to the battery capacity. Certain selection criteria must be considered when purchasing the JBL Wave 200 TWS earphones. The earphones are only suitable for older children.

Checking the JBL inversion flow:

  • touch control: JBL Reflect Flow binaural can be connected via the built-in device touch control taxes. This process is done via earplugs with just a few clicks. You can accept calls, adjust the volume, and use a voice assistant of your choice as you wish.
  • In-ear pen shape: In order to increase the wearing comfort of JBL Reflect Flow, a pen shape A set, which is easy to insert into the ear and fills it better. As a result, it does not cause pain when worn for long periods of time.
JBL Flow Reflection
JBL Flow Reflection

This is what we especially loved about the JBL Reflect Flow headphones

JBL wireless earbuds are suitable for kids, and JBL relies on a long battery life for this model Up to 30 hours after full charging. If the headphones are carried without the case, they can be used for up to 10 hours. Along with the case, you have another 15 to 20 watches available, regardless of the selected size.

JBL Reflect Flow headphones are offered in an in-ear style with a size of charging station, which can be closed with little effort. It not only allows the headphones to be easily charged, but also allows them to be moved without accidentally losing the headphones. This is especially recommended for long trips, where the headphones do not get dirty and are stored safely.

Advantages and disadvantages of JBL Reflect Flow headphones

+ Long battery life
+ Charges quickly
+ Stable bluetooth connection
+ Active Noise Cancellation with Smart Ambient
– Only suitable for children over 10 years old
– Can cause hearing damage if used too loudly

To avoid harming children’s hearing, children’s headphones should not exceed a maximum of 80 decibels. Since many manufacturers do not provide accurate volume information or it can be increased easily, it is recommended to use an external application on your smartphone or tablet. This allows parents to control the volume. In-ear headphones should only be used from the age of 10, and young children can use on-ear or over-ear versions, see Children’s headphones.

JBL Flow Reflection
JBL in-ear headphones for kids

The current price of JBL Reflect Flow in-ear headphones

JBL Live Pro + TWS - Wireless In-ear Headphones with Noise Canceling ...
JBL Live Pro + TWS – Wireless In-ear Headphones with Noise Canceling … *

Bluetooth, up to 20 hours of use with a 2-hour charging time and a combined charging and transfer station. The JBL Wave 200 TWS earphones are available in four different colors including black and pink and are equipped with an 8mm driver for high quality sound. With the dual connection function, users can select whether mono or stereo sound is desired.

Compared to other JBL wireless in-ear headphones

Here you can see other models from the manufacturer JBL, some of which have more or less power, and we have sorted them by popularity and topic.

Important criteria when buying JBL Reflect Flow earphones

sound quality

JBL Reflect Flow in-ear headphones use an 8mm driver for balanced highs and mids, ensuring all-round sound quality. In combination with it JBL Deep Bass Sound All frequencies match each other according to the music or playback sounds to achieve the best audio experience. The shape of the earplugs covers the pen as much as possible, which has a positive effect on the sound.

Dual Connect technology

In order to be able to use the JBL Reflect Flow as effectively as possible, the manufacturer has equipped it with Dual Connect technology installation. This is a technology that allows you to customize the earbuds you want to use. You can choose either both at the same time or one of them separately. For example, if only the right earbud will be used for calls, this is possible using Dual Connect technology.

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