Next week’s love horoscope: Love heals every wound

Updated: 08/19/2022 – 22:04

Venus and Chiron
Next week’s love horoscope: Love heals every wound

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Until the middle of the week, the Cancer Moon creates a romantic mood and great feelings.

This week the love of Venus and the healer and teacher Chiron are a positive aspect. Love can now heal many wounds.

When Chiron is involved in an aspect, healing can also mean accepting things as they are. There are wounds that can no longer be closed, but with the right partner by your side you can live with them more easily. annoying Love horoscope for the next week They will be three zodiac signs as of 22.08. Until 28.08.2022 Gifted with Love.

Next week’s love horoscope: exciting days await Gemini

The week begins with an orgasm, followed by very sensual energies. Your love life unexpectedly takes on a new impetus. By Friday at the latest, the stars will provide you with unusual ideas.

You should then definitely put it into practice. With Mars now moving through your sign, you have the energy and determination to launch into action.

Love horoscope for the next week: Virgo in the sky of love

They still feel like they’re in love’s paradise: parties, invitations, and very important people are on the agenda. With your charm, you can walk the red carpet in Hollywood and no one will notice that you are not a star.

She looks so seductive and sexy that it would be a sin to curl up in front of the TV at home. What makes you shine is the sun, which will pass through your sign starting on Tuesday. Until you feel completely comfortable in your own skin that does not remain hidden from those around you.

Love horoscope for the week ahead: Scorpio is the lucky man for this week

This week, your ruling planet Pluto is holding his protective hand on you. When it comes to love, you can do anything. Everyone you touch will instantly fall under your mysterious charm. After Mars left her partnership home, love is now calmer and more harmonious.

Singles should keep in mind that even if it’s not like that at first, a lot of fans can become very stressful in the long run. And in fact, you only want to impress one person…

When one thing leads to another, you must be prepared and know both your erogenous zones and your heart zones:


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