Long queues in SH for beginners

Schoenkirchen. The dream of learning to ride remains a dream for many nowadays. Reason: A number of the riding stables in Schleswig-Holstein are fully booked. Especially for young beginners, there are often no free places for riding lessons. The problem is usually greater in urban areas than in rural areas.

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Read more after the announcement

“The Pony Farm” in Schönkirchen is fully booked – right in front of the Kiel gates. “I have such a long waiting list that I will open a second location in Jikau in mid-September,” says operator Mirko Alsun, 24.

There are about 130 children on the waiting list for the “horse farm” in Schönkirchen

It is estimated that around 130 children are waiting for a ride with him alone. “Often they have to be patient for three to four years.” When he announced his new position on social media, he said he had “overtaken”.

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Read more after the announcement

This afternoon, Paola (7 years old) is already looking forward to her riding lesson at Horse Ranch. Come here twice a week. “We were lucky,” says mother Magdalene Krueger, 41. “After two weeks we got a place.” However, that was two and a half years ago. “In the meantime, I’m hearing from friends that there are long waiting lists everywhere.”

Paula cleans Pony Savanna with a rubber brush. She talks about the house championship on Pentecost, where she won first place in the trot. She talks about great trips and her first jump lessons. But also that she fell off her horse four times. “That’s stupid and it hurts.” But after a few minutes he came back on the horse. “Riding is great,” she says. In the future, she would definitely like to become a riding instructor.

A horse paradise on an area of ​​five hectares

In 2019, Mirco Alsen fulfilled his dream of owning his own pony farm. He has rented five hectares in the Schoenhurst area. Among other things, there is a riding hall, a lighted riding arena, two open stables, a waiting dock and individual crates as well as several adjacent pastures for necessary exercise. He owns 25 ponies and horses of his own. There are also seven pension horses.

It all started with Shetland Bonnie Dolly: Mirko Alsun still has his first pony. Habibi is 36 years old and is forever immortalized as a tattoo on his arm.

“Our concept is a little different,” says the electronics technician trained in energy and building technology. His ponies ranch is basically how he would have liked it as a kid. There is no riding section, so each one can be better upgraded individually. Groups consist of an average of five to six students riding a horse. A new topic is discussed every week. There is also a varied holiday program, rides, pony games, mother and child rides from 3 years old, badge courses, treasure hunts, kids birthday parties and much more. “Everyone should be happy here.”

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

Difficult times riding the stables during Corona period

But Corona hit him hard. “I had to sell three horses to make ends meet,” says Mirko Allsen, who himself comes from a “horse-obsessed family” and raises Welsh ponies. “But I’d rather eat stones than give up riding school.”

Learn to ride? Riding stables in Kiel and the surrounding area are still available

Children do not have to prepare for long waiting times at all of the riding stables. With luck, they will quickly secure a place in Kiel and the surrounding area – as a non-representative survey has shown. For example in the file Riding the stable eyeglasses circuit (www.glaeserkupplung.de) in Wahlstorf near Preetz. “We are in good standing with 40 of the school’s horses and school ponies,” says owner Susan Forrest. “I am happy with every rider that comes.”

subordinate Kiel Racing and Riding Club (www.krrv.de) still has places available for preparatory courses with jumping exercises for children from the age of six. If you can ride a little, you’ll often find a place in a beginner’s lesson, says riding instructor Armin Kins. Jessica Clone is also looking forward to having offspring Horse riding school as a color (www.stutenhof-kloehn.de) in Kiel-Week. The offer ranges from pony rides from the age of nine to lunge lessons and riding weeks. Still searching for horseback riding posts.

It is also open to new arrivals Borghorsterhütten ركوب Riding Club (www.reitverein-borghorsterhuetten.de) in Woolde, Denmark. After the holidays there in Schroeder Riding School (www.reitschule-schreuder.de) Also free places in Stampe – for lessons around Longe and riding lessons. Individual lessons can also be booked for children Hof Eckhurst (www.hof-eckhorst.de) in Güby on Schlei. “Kids are the most important thing,” says owner Susan Behn. “We introduce the horse to the horse in a playful way.”

What about other riding stables in the area? There is also a waiting list in Schwentinental, about five kilometers away, according to Stoltenberg Riding School. “Since Corona, we have only had five children in one cycle for safety reasons,” says operator Ivo Stoltenberg. Every Friday, boys and girls learn how to handle a pony there for five weeks. It is estimated that the waiting time for one of these desirable courses is approximately two months.

However, the biggest problem with riding schools is that kids come home from school in the late afternoon. “Riding lessons have been reduced to just a few hours,” Stoltenberg says. It is also becoming increasingly difficult for clubs to recruit people to volunteer.

New riding coach in Newmunster to face the attack

In order to deal with the onslaught of the young riders, Anna-Lena Robb of Rosenthal Riding School in Neumünster has appointed a new riding coach. “But almost all the places there are taken over again.” I heard that some riding schools did not survive the Corona pandemic and closures and had to close. “Children from these facilities are now looking for new horse riding opportunities.”

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Read more after the announcement

Waiting lists are also maintained by Rönner Ponyhof in Kiel. “The collections are full, unfortunately we can’t pick up everything,” says worker Maga Helen Breeze. Since Corona, I have noticed that the demand has increased.

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The Schleswig-Holstein Equestrian Sports Association does not have a comprehensive overview of the capacity utilization of equestrian companies and riding schools. But: “In fact, we know individual clubs and companies that keep school horses and have such a large influx that they have to keep waiting lists,” says Managing Director Matthias Karstens. These are often in urban areas.

Looking forward to opening a second riding location in Giekau

In any case, Mirco Alsen from “Pony-Farm” in Schönkirchen is pleased that life has now returned to the farm and that the opening of his second location in Giekau – about 20 kilometers away – on September 10 is not far off. As a riding instructor, he then works with Jasmine Kuchel and Patrick Lilienthal’s boarding school for horses “Am Buchholz”.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

here we are!  The greatest happiness on earth is riding a horse: at least that's what Paula, Nissa and Anna (left) say with their ponies Savannah, Carlos and Kim.

here we are! The greatest happiness on earth is riding a horse: at least that’s what Paula, Nissa and Anna (left) say with their ponies Savannah, Carlos and Kim.

As he speaks, Paula, Anna (8) and Nissa (7) practice in the riding ring how to guide the young ponies alone with the help of thigh and weights. Almost all kids played thanks to riding instructor Aimee Le Paul (20 years old). If you look at the bright faces of the girls, it immediately becomes clear to you: perhaps the greatest happiness on earth is on the back of a horse. The dream of learning to ride has come true, at least for these three.

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