Vegetarian Dating Apps: What Can Veggly & Co. to do?

Dating apps that want to bring vegetarian people together are no longer a rarity. In this article, we will introduce you to the idea of ​​vegan dating and three popular dating apps in more detail.

A person who eats vegan probably does so out of a certain conviction: Animals are important to them, they want to do something about the climate crisis and/or they value a vegan diet because of its health aspects. As a rule, vegetarian nature is not just a diet, but goes hand in hand with certain values. This is the reason for vegetarian dating or what is called “green datingMeaning: He brings together people who are divided because of them vegetarian We agree on a few basic things.

According to ZEIT, research also confirms that people with the same moral ideas, life goals, and political characteristics have particularly stable relationships.

Veggie dating apps like Veggly, Gleichklang or You Me Veggie want to make it easy for vegan and sustainable people to find each other and so together for climate protection And defending animal welfare.

Veggly: The world’s leading vegan dating app

Veggly is the world’s most popular vegan dating app.

Veggly is a free dating app for vegetarians and vegans. As in other online dating platforms, you can “scroll” through other users, like them and thus create matches. With the paid version, you can also set super likes or see which users have liked you before the match.

Depending on your location, specific interests, and active filters, Veggly uses an algorithm to show you other profiles in a specific order. You can influence the sort, for example by showing new users or people who were last online. If you have a match, you can chat with the person in question, and if necessary, you can arrange a meeting.

According to a 2021 article by Vegconomist, Veggly is the leading dating app for vegans worldwide. The app achieved the largest number of users in 2021 in Great Britain. Followed by the Netherlands and Germany already in third place with more than 46,000 profiles.

  • price: Free paid version available (from 3 to 5.50 euros per month)
  • The main characters: 500,000 users worldwide (end of 2021), 46,375 users in Germany (2021)
  • information about: Including name, age, city, diet/lifestyle, gender, sexual orientation, interests, profession, education, etc.
  • Features: Like, match, chat
  • Downloads: On Google Play Store and Apple Store
  • Web version available

Harmony: More Than Just Vegetarian Dating

Harmony platform has been around for 15 years. According to her own statements, she wants to create connections between environmentally conscious people, who are critical of consumption, of solidarity and authenticity. You can not only search for relationship partners, but also search for travel partners or looking for friends. Therefore, harmony is suitable for unmarried people as well as for people in a relationship.

In your search for partners and friends, you can provide accurate information about your sexual orientation, life situation, preferred relationship model and lifestyle. For example, you could indicate that you prefer polygamous or open relationships, are a single parent, or are particularly interested in spirituality, justice, vegetarianism, and animal welfare.

With the help of your information, the platform uses psychological testing procedures to show you the most appropriate profiles of other users. According to their own information, 36 percent of the members who used the platform for a year succeeded in finding a partnership or partner friendship. After two years of regular use, the success rate doubles.

Unison is paid to avoid fake profiles and ads. According to its own data, the platform would like to make it easier for people to find a partner in particular who moves outside the mainstream and deviates from the social norm, for example because of their sexual orientation or attitude to life.

  • price: staggered in a socially acceptable manner, between €4.80 and €7.90 per month (social tariff: €6 per year)
  • The main characters: At the level of Germany 20500 members
  • information about: Including lifestyle, life status, sexual orientation, sexual activity, relationship model, personality traits
  • Features: Suggestions for suitable profiles, anonymous chat at first
  • Registration through the site

TofuTogether: Dating for Vegetarians

TofuTogether wants to connect vegetarians and vegans with each other.
TofuTogether wants to connect vegetarians and vegans with each other.

TofuTogether explicitly targets vegetarians and vegans. The app is mainly geared towards dating and not looking for friends. As with other well-known dating apps, you can scroll through other users’ profiles, like them and create a match if the other person likes you too.

In addition to where you live, your name and age, you can also specify whether you are a vegetarian or vegan in the app. You can also answer more unusual questions and tell other users, for example, where your Safe Space is, and whether you are a chronotype Be more than one person in the morning or at night or to the place you want to travel to.

You can also post photos and experiences on the community page or view posts from other users.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the issue of one’s sexual orientation and gender identity, the app only distinguishes between male and female and reproduces concepts of gender binary. The app excludes people who do not find themselves in this system from the start.

The app has yet to publish key numbers like success rate or number of users. This may also be due to the fact that the app has only been available for a short time.

  • price: Free Premium Membership (10€ per month)
  • information about: Name, age, place of residence, gender, sexual orientation, interests, personality traits, etc.
  • Features: Swipe, like, match
  • Downloads: On Google Play Store and Apple Store

Green Dating: Pros and Criticisms

According to ZEIT, the issue of environmental attitudes, commitment to climate and environmental protection plays an increasingly important role in online dating. However, there are also criticisms of green or vegan dating. Matrimony therapist Rüdiger Walker told ZEIT that he doesn’t think it makes sense to categorize people according to their attitude or beliefs and group them together using an algorithm.

Relationship is about balancing similarities and differences. If we manage to choose our partners according to our ideas as accurately as possible after the application, then the desire to get acquainted with people in real life decreases. Because these may not immediately align with all of our values.

On the other hand, Gleichklang founder Guido Gebauer sees green dating as particularly important, according to ZEIT. If people with adverse environmental attitudes meet each other, the risk is greater that a person who actually lives sustainably will make concessions. For example, out of love for her partner, she may make decisions that are more harmful to the environment. On the other hand, if two like-minded people find each other, there is a greater chance that both will develop together in a socially and ecologically positive direction.


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