“I feel discriminated against as a heterosexual!” – Team

Last week, Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe (DVB) introduced the first rainbow-colored tram with the slogan: “We’ll take you to the other shore”. Unsurprisingly, the hatred did not go away.

With this, DVB wants to send a visual signal against existing biases and express that diversity is enrichment (MANNSCHAFT reported). But many people don’t feel that way. Our MANNSCHAFT post on the topic was commented on on Facebook with phrases like: “The last time I rode a train was years ago… I would also like to run.” Others are more straightforward: “The disgust of this permanent and forced pandering to a minority.”

Other users write: “Disgusting propaganda” or “When will there be a different train? I feel discriminated against as a straight person!” or “What a redundant job. “To penetrate citizens with this nice dirt.” Others even call the tram the “Monkeypox Express.”

We wanted to know what feedback carriers receive. There is, then the answer, “a lot of ‘opinions’ about the Pride tram.” But that is exactly why we put railroads on rails, and hate or to convey controversial opinions is why we at DVB also want to be an example and sufficient proof that it is still It is necessary to take a stand on this,” said Caroline Loach, Director of Social Media Content at DVB, in a written response to MANNSCHAFT.

Most of the reactions are on the Facebook channel. Meanwhile, more than 600 comments were found (444 comments could be seen on Tuesday morning) within different posts, but not all were actively corrected or responded to. And there’s a good reason for that: our followers ‘teach’ each other. We welcome the exchange amongst ourselves and are glad that there are so many advocates and views being exchanged amongst each other. Of course, keep an eye on the comment column and react if something goes completely wrong – for example, if There were unusual insults, threats or expressions of hate – users / messages will be deleted or banned and, if necessary, dealt with via direct messages, says the DVB employee.

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Among the statements that other users correct are the following: «And another statement against the ordinary family, and against normal life!!!! These followers of the “Soros Cure” (In Hungary, American investor and philanthropist George Soros often claims a conspiracy, editor’s note.) It’s humanity that bothers me a lot. Everyone can be whatever they want in this country, and live as they want, but I expect Dan to make a statement to the family from our politicians and politicians. But maybe that’s not what you want. This is my required division!!!!! » (sic!)

One response to this comment is: “Is ‘ordinary family’ discriminated against (whatever that means), beaten or stabbed for not hiding their love? What kind of statement do you want, be specific.”

Ads aren’t being placed in Dresden — or at least not yet, says Loach. On Instagram, the reactions were either very reserved or exclusively positive. “Here we also tend to have fans of our vehicles, who are simply delighted with a new design.”

Basically, the DVB statement is clearly and unambiguously formulated, and one will not take part in the discussions – here one simply had to compare the meaning and usefulness. Loesche thinks most commentators are unleashing power, but would not better consider our “interference” but would rather feel the extra provocation. Apparently, even color-coded trams are enough to excite a larger community.

We will not change society as a whole with our statement, but we have taken an important step and taken a clear position. From our point of view, it is not necessary to constantly justify our decision, as it should be a sign of normalcy and equality that everyone should feel welcome and safe with us.”

We see a rainbow at the end of the tunnel.

No one dared to damage or deface the Pride tram. “We remain curious and look forward to the festivities around CSD Week in Dresden. Sure, the media outcry will go on for a while, but really this isn’t the first cowboy game – in the past couple of years we’ve had to ask for a lot of tolerance and acceptance in other topics (mask requirements, third generation events, etc.). So we see a rainbow at the end of the tunnel.”

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