You should keep this in mind when keeping it!

Do guinea pigs pack animals?

One thing you should be aware of before buying: sensitive rodents are very social and should never be kept alone! A guinea pig’s appropriate attitude to the species consists of several specific things. If you decide on a male and female animal, then the male must be castrated, the so-called buck. However, you can also keep several females and supplement them with a castrated bouquet. Our advice: If you are new to raising guinea pigs, you should refrain from keeping only male animals in one cage or enclosure. They do not get along well with each other and therefore not recommended for beginners.

What size should the cage or enclosure be?

Many people think that a small cage is well suited for small animals such as guinea pigs. Wrong thought! Small dwellings are torture to small organisms and lead to behavioral problems. Cute rodents love to rush back and forth. They are crazy about exercise and therefore need a spacious cage that gives them enough space to run, hide and play. Veterinarians recommend choosing a cage of at least two square meters for two specific species. The site should be bright, sheltered from the wind and free from direct sunlight.

However, if you have the opportunity to incorporate spacious enclosures or cages in your four walls, on the balcony or in the garden, you should always choose the largest dwelling out of love for the animal. Good tip: Simply build the new home for the small bundle yourself. This is not rocket science and with a little hand skill you can also do it yourself. Advantage: You can decide the size and design by yourself.

Guinea pigs need exercise!

Even if the animals have their own large cage, you must remember that they also need adequate exercise. A spacious enclosure in your garden would be ideal for this. If you are not lucky enough to offer this freedom to the animal, then you should get a collapsible container that will allow you to give the cute rodent this freedom as much as possible. But make sure your guinea pigs are safe in the enclosure and have places to hide and enough activities here too.

What do guinea pigs eat?

Rodents are herbivores. In order to provide a healthy, species-friendly diet for the animals, you should put enough hay in the small enclosure so that they can eat as they please. In the summer months, treat new family members with delicious wild herbs and herbs. Important: do not overfeed young rodents with fresh food, as this can cause digestive problems after winter, when the only food they could eat was hay and dry food. But not only the food mentioned should be on your finger list. You can also feed the rodents foods such as leafy greens and occasional fruits. In order for the animals to continue to gnaw, it is also recommended to regularly place a few dry twigs or twigs in their cage or enclosure. Also provide your guinea pigs with adequate fresh water. You could get dehydrated another way and we don’t want that, right?

How to properly care for guinea pigs

Caring for guinea pigs is an easy task. In order to be able to protect small rodents from various diseases, you need to think about a few things. Based on the following checklist, we will give you information on hygiene measures to be implemented:

1. Grooming: Short-haired animals need to be combed intermittently. Long-haired types should benefit from regular grooming. Also, be sure to cut very long hair with scissors. However, only bathe the animals if they are very dirty or infested with parasites.

2. Claw care: Since domesticated guinea pigs cannot naturally trim their nails, we humans have to do this for them on a regular basis. Always use special pliers for this.

3. Dental examination: If the situation arises that the incisors have become so long that the animal is no longer able to close its mouth and even eat properly, then the veterinarian should trim them.

4. Cleaning the caudal gland: The gland is located about one centimeter above the anus of the animal and is responsible for the production of sexual attractants. It can happen that they stick together due to an overproduction of pheromones. If this happens, you can clean the soiled gland with some animal shampoo and lukewarm water and then dry it with a cloth.

Another important point to keep in mind is the regular cleaning of the cage and the outer enclosure. Only then the little rodents feel at home and enjoy life to the fullest.


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