Villingen Courtyard Festival: Karo Lin songs about love and life – Villingen Schöningen and the surrounding area

Singer Caro Lynn performs at the Courtyard Festival on Sunday, August 28. Photo: Karo Lin

Whether it’s the rhythms of reggae, rock or folk, Karo Lin’s music is versatile. The singer-songwriter from Leipzig will take to stage at the Inner Courtyard Festival in Villingen on Sunday 28 August from 8pm.

VS-Villingen – The songs of singer-songwriter Caro Lin from Leipzig are handcrafted and honest, typical of the independent folk genre. Emotionally, but at the same time full of strength, she sings about what fills life over and over again. A little love here, a little life there, a touch of longing elsewhere. Her songs show a lot of heart and always a bit of her personality.

The second album “Outgrow” was released in 2020

Karo Lynn combines these sentiments in her first album “Frames” from 2016. In 2020 she will release her second album “Outgrow”. Richer in detail, more complex and profound, her music with her extraordinarily powerful voice, combined with her band, makes her an emotional event.

Her songs build an interplay of nearness and distance, expressing a turmoil that does not go unnoticed by the audience. Caro Lin is simply real: she processes real experiences and raises them to an abstract level and thus creates a connection with her audience.

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Concerts begin in the courtyard of the Youth Center and Scheuer on Kalkofenstraße 3 in Villingen at 8 pm, admission from 7 pm. The beer garden with Turkish buffet and café is open from 19:00. In bad weather he goes to the barn. Tickets are available at the box office for 18 euros, privileges of twelve euros, excluding the cinema evening which costs twelve euros, and privileges of eight euros. A bundled package is available for all nine events for €80, and tickets can be transferred. Advanced POS are located in Villingen at Sparkasse Schwarzwald-Baar in the service center on Rietstraße 1 and at Mory’s Hofbuchhandlung on Rietstraße 28, at Schwenningen in Sparkasse at the service center on the market square and at Donaueschingen at Mory’s Hofbuchhandlung on Karlstraße 55. Events can be found in the courtyard or at Scheuer in the afternoon online at or on Facebook.

The entire program at the Inner Courtyard Festival:


Dota presents Little Change Princess Songs – at the start of the Inner Courtyard Festival on Friday, August 26th. Berlin singer Dota Kerr published under the pseudonym “Kleingeldprinzessin”, then under the title “Dota & Die Stadtpiraten” and for five years under the ring – her three fellow musicians and herself in four letters – Dota. With the album “Keine Danger” they reached number 14 on the charts.

Jessica Bourne and George Krustowitz

Jessica Bourne and George Krustowitz will bring their own compositions, blue ballads, rock, soul, and rhythm and blues from the 1960s to the present day on Saturday, August 27. They draw from a variety of different styles.


“Yenga” musicians talk about the big and small things in life on Monday, August 29. Inspired by jazz, electronic music, brogue and kraut, the German-Dutch psychedelic art rock band weaves a tapestry of guitar notes and playful melodies. She improvises and brings herself and the audience to ecstasy.

Nightclub with Jens Heinrich Klassen

Jens Heinrich Claassen brings cabaret “Nothing to Rust Without Love” on stage on Tuesday, August 30. The comedian is now in his mid-40s and time is running out. He’s still single, living with his mom again, and his best friends are still stuffed animals. Through humor and music, he takes his audience on a journey into the battle against his burgeoning last-minute panic.

Cinematic Evening “Amazing Grace”

“Amazing Grace” about Aretha Franklin will be shown in the open-air cinema on Wednesday, August 31. In 1972, the Queen of Soul decided to return to her roots: she gave two concerts with the Southern California community choir and gospel legend Reverend James Cleveland at the Baptist Missionary Church in Los Angeles and recorded recordings for the album. The score for “Amazing Grace” is the best-selling album of the Annunciation. The concert was captured by a film crew directed by Sidney Pollack.


Rock band “Safkan” with German and Turkish members, about singer Timur Safkan. Heats up on Thursday, September 1st. The uniqueness of their music lies in the constellation of the band: two Turkish singers who sing in their mother tongue and grew up on Turkish music meet German instrumentalists based in their home rock music of Western Europe.

Ifriqiya Electric

The Ifriqiya Electric project is expected to be a special experience on Friday (September 2nd). Musicians mix ecstatic traditions from Tunisia with Western punk, metal, and techno, describing the performances not as concerts but as rituals.

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The party atmosphere was announced on Saturday, September 3rd, when The Reveling Crooks finally took the stage. It plays the sound of the Balkans, but also a wide range of other traditional music from nearly all of Europe and beyond: from klezmer punk to gypsy beats to Italian party songs, from Irish folklore to polka, ska, rock and roll and mariachi cumbia. Wild gay meets rough street chanson and protest song.

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