We need qualified horse trainers to give the sport of equestrianism a new look

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Northern Spring sees a huge gap in equestrian sports. The majority of horse owners are women who want to work with their horses with respect. These women need trainers who understand their needs and the needs of their horses. On the other hand, there are many bikers out there who would like to turn their passion into a career. Through the unique training of horse trainers, Rabea Schmale and her team from the Show Equestrian School in Minden are now working to bridge the gap and create an entirely new network.

In Germany alone there are over a million horses – the majority made up of pleasure horses that are not kept for major championship sports. Instead, it is about seeing the horse as a partner and building a relationship of trust with it. Communication, respect and a deep understanding of the nature of horses is becoming more and more important. Spring Shamali decided to dedicate her training to horse trainers specifically for this purpose.

About 75 percent of recreational riders are women. Many of these women come to equestrian sports as side participants and want to turn their hobby into a career. The unique Northern Spring concept at the Show Riding School in Minden leads to a win-win situation. Women looking for a new career perspective can quit, and leisure cyclists acquire competent trainers for the proper handling of their horses. It takes living and working with horses to a whole new level. In horse trainer training, experience, expertise, hard stable work and digital capabilities go hand in hand – but the fun, friendships and shared passion of dealing with horses are also important components.

Is equestrian sport a sex issue?

If a northern spring had its way: Yes, of course. It’s not about better or worse, it’s about being different. Horses are very sensitive flying animals. They read people’s body language and orient themselves to pitch, physique, and movements. Men have a different muscle tone, and they usually have greater strength and are heavier by nature. As a result, the interaction of the male with the horse is also more hierarchical, and strength and power form the basis of the synergy. For species-appropriate training, horses need someone they can trust to feel safe. To do this, the owner must radiate security and calm. But women can also express that security and calmness – even with less physical strength. They just need a way to learn how to handle a horse perfectly, based on their natural strengths.

Northern Spring does not see equestrian sport only from the point of view of the horse. From her experience, a male horse trainer simply does not have the opportunity to intuitively sympathize with the condition of a female jockey and understand how women feel when dealing with a horse – if only because of different physical emotions. So training the female horse trainers is crucial to Rabea Shamali and her team. If there are more horse trainers, women can support each other equally and develop their skills and experience together.

A horse reflects human feelings

For a northern spring, an important part of training is also the mental aspect. “Many women come to us for training when they dare to make a fresh start. They often want to reorient themselves after the family stage, where they have to put their needs aside for a long time. There may also be concerns and problems when dealing with sensitive horses. Fears become visible, which Of course it goes to horses. That’s why we work so closely with a mental trainer on horse trainer training.” Therefore, training to become a horse trainer is a unique and comprehensive concept that includes all aspects of life with horses: from building a career as a horse trainer to taking care of horses and dealing constructively with your concerns.

How is training to become a horse trainer in practice?

Modern training should fit into the daily lives of the participants. Northern Spring has adapted to this with clear structures, flexibility in terms of time and online lessons. Only participants who pass the aptitude test for their own benefit are accepted – this way there are no dropouts later because one participant realizes too late that the training is not for her at all.

In general, transparency is a big issue – Northern Spring attaches great importance to being visible and tangible online. It also uses digital capabilities in its unique training programme. Participants are given tasks that they can work on with their horses at home and then get feedback and criticism based on their video recordings. In principle, each participant can work at his own pace and adjust the progress according to his horse. A highlight of the training is the days at the show riding school in Minden. In this time full of intense work and full of learning steps, friendships develop that last even after training.

Are you a recreational racer and want to turn your hobby into a career? Register now with Spring North (https://pferdetrainer-bildung.com/) and find out more about training to become a horse trainer!

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