When to Have Babies: 11 Reasons ‘Perfect Timing’ Is Nonsense

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What is the appropriate age to have children? Don’t ask yourself this question – we have 11 reasons why. © Westend61 / IMAGO

Too old and insufficient profession: women in particular often ask themselves when is the “ideal time” to have children. 11 reasons for this nonsense.

On average, German people who have had their first child are 29.9 years old. And they’re getting older, according to data from the Federal Statistics Office (Destatis). Although 60 percent of millennials would rather have a dog than a child, birth rates rose again slightly in 2021. According to Destatis, 795,492 babies were born in 2021 — about 22,000 compared to 2020. The reason for the increase Is the relatively stable situation in the labor market in relation to the Corona epidemic, as some couples decided: “Now is the best solution, it is time to have a child.”

When Should You Have Children – What is the Right Age?

But is there an “ideal time” to have children? With regard to professions in particular, many people – especially those who give birth – ask themselves what the ideal age is. With the “world of work in the future” looking bleak, just look at working parents who find it difficult to juggle care work and family. No wonder even politicians like Anton Hofriter bring their children to a cabinet meeting – after all, a career and a child is still a tightrope work for many workers and prevents them from having children “too early”.

On the other hand, there are many people who advise against getting pregnant and believe that a lot of things can go wrong. It is said that young parents do not have money – older parents are sane and read a lot of guidebooks. yes what now? The journalist plastiktanne from Stuttgart never paid attention to such opinions from the outside and simply listened to her heart – she gave birth to a child exactly when she felt it was right for her, as she said naberwasgeht in an interview (see video below).

11 Reasons Why There Isn’t a ‘Perfect Time’ to Have Kids

It is thus the best example of the fact that there is no such thing as an “ideal time” to have children. But there are 11 reasons why it really doesn’t make sense to wait for the perfect time or put your desire to have children behind because of your career.

  1. According to reproductive medicine specialists, the biologically “ideal” age to have children is between 20 and 25 years. But this is so rare in today’s society that you can’t use it as a guide anyway.
  2. Yes, that’s right: If you have a uterus and are able to have children, your fertility begins to decline after about 32 years. This means that getting pregnant at age 35 or even 37 is harder than getting pregnant at 30.
  3. BUT: A 2016 University of Southern California study discovered that a woman over 35 is — at least mentally — in the best shape for having children. Apparently, this is due to the increase in sex hormones that improve brain function, especially in “older” mothers.
  4. Another poll in the US came out loud interested in trade To find that women who had their first child at age 35 earned an average of $50,000 more annually than those who had their first child in their twenties. This is exactly what he talks about having children a few years earlier – having a baby is now a luxury for many people – it cost 230 thousand euros to study.
  5. In an interview with Globalism Claudia Wiesmann, a medical ethicist from the University of Göttingen says: The higher the level of education of the parents, the more they are able to constantly support and raise the child. The reason for this is the conscious decision to have a child, because “desirable children are happier children,” she said. Globalism.
  6. Young parents, on the other hand, are more flexible, can stay up all night and are sometimes more relaxed because they don’t think much about the “ideal” upbringing. According to the pediatrician, parents should approach parenting differently in general — perfectionism is not a solution.
  7. In addition, as a mother or father, you learn what is really important and how to deal more easily with spontaneous challenges, write the time. Younger parents not only learn to multitask early on, but they also learn to better prioritize their lives and get a whole new perspective on the world through their children.
  8. Case in point Sylvie Nicole, the only woman on Henkel’s board of directors who Globalism “My kids have really boosted my career,” he says. “The older they get, the more motivated I am.” She has always tried to make her own decisions about the next steps in her career and hasn’t allowed herself to be pushed – and it has also worked for her role as a mother.
  9. According to Katharina Woerlich, who heads the gender economics research group at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) in Berlin, as a mother/person who can bear children, you shouldn’t focus on the right time at all – but you should focus more on the right time. Your partner: In. why? Because the question of how to share unpaid care work after childbirth is more important than anything else. We write here about the fact that care work is still women’s work: “The state depends on daughters who take care of their parents.”
  10. Ecologist Karen Abov guesses out loud Globalism More patience – also at work. “We have many active years at our disposal, so we don’t have to end our entire lives in our early forties.” It is important to keep the house on your own strength and share the care business as partners – then your career can take off later.
  11. So if you and your partner both want to have children, you shouldn’t wait for the perfect time – because there is no such thing. There are as many arguments in favor of becoming a young mother as there are in favor of waiting longer. It is important that the child fits into your life. Don’t let others put you under pressure or dissuade you from your “career” and then have children when it’s convenient for you and your partner.

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