Air character, love and gender

In order to protect others from such negative experiences, Aquarius made it his life’s work, Always helpful, well-meaning and friendly
to be. Instead of stereotypes, prejudices, and rumours, the air sign relies on itself sense of justice.

Aquarius incarnation Within perfect astrology
– They carry a spirit jug with them. It is not uncommon for a zodiac sign to be viewed as a highly spiritual being, mainly because extraordinary aura
It stands out and aims to revolutionize human existence.

Typical characteristics of Aquarius

Strengthening – Strengthens: Weaknesses:
Willingness to help self-will
intelligence Change
agitation nervous
self conscious ideal
creativity impatience
spirituality closure
disparity in vain

Occupation and Career: The Thin Line Between Ambition and Loss of Reality

Although Aquarius has not always had the best school education, they look for it fighter nature
They are still making their way to the top. because of high intelligence and a good sense of the social environment,
This zodiac sign will quickly catch up with its fellow humans up the career ladder – and until then it will teach itself a lot.

Aquarius not only want to do good in their work, they want to do it better Contribute to the big picture
– high positions in Astrology, medicine or technology
So it is especially suitable for visions.

But beware: it quickly becomes tempting to always want to achieve more. Impatience, the search for other ways (bypass) and utopian goals
So it is not uncommon in the work life of an Aquarius. please try Don’t lose track!
One thing at a time, okay?

Partnership and love: time and freedom are the highest priority

Especially when it comes to relationships, Aquarians once again show that they’re an air sign through and through: they seem to be very open to the outside world – but when it gets serious, they are. Closed and remote.
The chance of getting injured again is very high. Because Aquarius is naturally reluctant to admit it, He hides his fear of commitment
as editing.

subordinate Desire for independence
Huge and often prevents this zodiac sign from finding a partner for life. Should that happen someday? Aquarius definitely needs a sanctuary
– Preferably separate apartments! Out of sight, out of mind is not right here. On the contrary: the expectation is greater.

What are the 3 zodiac signs that are most compatible with Aquarius?

From a purely theoretical point of view, there is in fact no combination in which the relationship is a completely lost state. They are men of water Compatible with all zodiac signs
With some more, some less. Since Aquarius is distinguished by spirit, ambition and form The other air elements
Ideal partners.

with Gemini and Libra
Aquarius can speak at eye level without being restricted in any way. Trust is crucial. This also fire sign Sagittarius
He can convince himself: Similarities such as spirituality, joy in nature, and love of freedom make the two signs of the zodiac Absolute dream team!

What 3 zodiac signs are not suitable for Aquarius?

for Scorpio, Cancer and Taurus
Compatibility with Aquarius looks rather poor. While Scorpio also jealous and restrained
It is that rational Aquarius is steeped in the emotional streak of Cancer. Bulls can – especially when it comes to disputes – Unfortunately, quite stubborn
Be like our Aquarius. pronunciation? concessions? Excuses? There won’t be any time soon.

Gender: Once the Aquarius sign falls, it gets really hot

Romance and sex are strictly separated in the life of an Aquarius! Unrestricted sex
Useful for the sign of the zodiac – here he can do whatever he wants, without limitation.
But it may take a long time before the sexual act actually takes place: it is true that they are mermaids incredible flirt masters,
But don’t you dare take the first step.

Conversely, lust means nothing more than the ability to let go – to control freaks like Aquarians, it’s actually an absolute nightmare. If it’s about sex, congratulations are in order: it’s probably an Aquarius The most open and experimental of all the signs of the zodiac.
Hush … Sex games and wild situations
Also belong to it!

Friendship: Aquarius needs meaningful conversations

If there’s one thing an Aquarius absolutely hates, it’s it short talk
Why bother talking about the weather when there are topics like black holes, the existence of aliens, and life after death? Well, admittedly, an Aquarius can do that Acquaintances are quickly afraid,
But at least he knows that no real friendship will develop.

Who’s sometimes something Whimsical and “different” genre
Aquarius, not just a great friend, but always one A strong shoulder to lean on
have found. Promise: You will never be bored with an Aquarius.

Fashion: Be careful, things get funky and colorful with Aquarius

You know that moment when you meet someone on the street and you just have to turn around because they are Incredibly cool
seem? Older: Aquarius in its natural habitat. zodiac He absolutely loves every color
– They look good in every way.

water men You want to attract attention and shock.
That’s why they like to wear clothes, make-up, or accessories that don’t conform to society: Holes, extra short tops and painted nails
An integral part of the appearance of an Aquarius – for both women and men. Sustainable fashion makes this fair zodiac sign especially happy.

This is what the rise of Aquarius and Moon sign says about you

Important: If you want to know more about your nature, you should definitely do it Include the sign of the ascendant and the moon.
Together with the sun sign – another term for the signs of the zodiac – can The Big Three
Say pretty much everything about you that your heart desires. If your ascendant is Aquarius, wrap everyone around you Sweet, shy type
around the finger. Unlike this zodiac sign, you can almost be described as a little romantic.

If the moon was in the constellation Libra at the time of your birth, then you are in turn Very closed and accurate.
you need to Make sure you don’t seem selfish to those around you
Because you really only want to protect yourself. Either way, the following advice can’t hurt any zodiac sign: you can’t always have it all. But you don’t have to do without everything. Maybe just look at some balancing act!

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