Does my dog ​​really love me? Ten signs that prove it – and what mistakes you should not make!

If your dog looks deeply into your eyes, it could be a sign of love. IMAGO / Addictive Stock

That’s right, dogs can’t speak. We often like to know what they want to tell us. But we can still understand fur noses. We just have to look carefully.

A good example of this is animal affection. Dogs have their own ways of showing their love. They give us signals to show how much they love us. Deciphering these characters is easier than you think.

Here are ten true symbols of love from your dog.

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1. Look deep into the eyes

In fact, the deep look in a dog’s eyes is somewhat threatening. So, if your dog dips his eyes deep into yours, this is a sign of confidence. Studies have shown that oxytocin levels in dogs increase when they look at it closely. The hormone also triggers feelings of intense attachment in people.

2. He stays by her side

When your dog loves you, he wants to be by your side. Unlike humans, it does not need any real regression stages. He experiences the place alongside his favorite person as the most beautiful place in the world. This does not mean that he does not stop at his salad or basket from time to time. But he prefers to accompany you everywhere and is deliberately intended and attracts your attention.

Does your dog like to be near you?
Does your dog like to be near you? 61

3. Give them a gift

When your dog puts his bones or his favorite toy in front of you, this is an unmistakable sign of love. This is especially true if you are allowed to do so as well. If he just brings it to you and then doesn’t give it to you, he just wants to play.

4. He has no fear of losing

This is often misunderstood. Many believe that the fear of loss arises when a dog’s love is especially great. The opposite is true. If your dog can be left alone and trusts you to come back, this is a good sign of affection. Because: The dog trusts you’ll come back. He accepted his owner as a leader and his boss decided his departure. Of course, the dog can be happy when you come back. However, if he is overly excitable or hyperactive, this could also be a sign of dominant behavior towards you.

5. He jumps on them

Hopping in humans is often interpreted as an indication of affection. It is, but: It is also an expression of dominant behavior. They should avoid responding with excited and happy behavior in turn. Because the dog understands this as a sign that you are inferior to him. Of course you can be happy. But it always radiates calm and sovereignty.

If your dog jumps on you, this may also be a sign of dominance.
If your dog jumps on you, this may also be a sign of dominance. 61

6. console her

Obviously, your dog feels his instincts when you’re not feeling well. Then he will try everything to rejoice at his proximity. It quickly learns what’s best for you and remembers it. Could there be more evidence of love?

7. Shows interest

If your dog feels you are in danger, he will stand in front of you to protect you. This is actually a symbol of love, but it’s also an important sign: Your dog doesn’t see you as a leader when he does. You have no control over the situation for him. He will try to protect you – by barking, growling, or even aggressive behavior.

It is therefore important to always let your dog know that the situation is under control and that the dog can count on you. You protect him, not the other way around.

8. Wagging his tail

Yes, if your dog wags its tail in a greeting, for example, it usually shows joy and emotion. He is glad to have you. This is usually the case. However, you should know that tail wagging in general only indicates excitement or excitement in a dog. So it does not hurt to take a closer look: if the dog is frightened, it often wags its tail, for example, and its tail is somewhat lowered and stiff.

9. He licks them

Do you pet the dog and suddenly he started licking your hand? Shows that he takes care of you – a clear sign of affection. If you don’t like it, don’t jump away screaming, but show it to the dog with sensitivity. Because it is true, otherwise he may feel rejected and humiliated. If necessary, offer a compromise: he can lick your hand, but not your face. He will accept it.

Dogs show affection by licking.
Dogs show affection by licking. 61

10. He likes to sleep near you

It is really a good sign when your dog wants to sleep near you. He hugs you, lies at your feet… Shows his deep confidence. And this trust documented his love. It’s the part of your dog’s self-image that needs to be monitored. However, if he feels you exude security, he can devote himself to sleeping with peace of mind. Again, it comes down to this: He accepts you as a sovereign leader that he doesn’t have to protect. The best foundation for a perfect dog-human relationship.

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