“Monster – merciless hunters”: two children, one father, zero survival instincts

“Monster – merciless hunters”
Two children, one father, no survival instincts

Written by Lynne Pinkert

They want to spend quality time in Africa addressing the death of their mother. But soon Nate Samuels (Idris Elba) and his two daughters must fight a bloodthirsty lion in “The Beast”. They couldn’t do anything more stupid than that.

Movies where an animal turns into a bloodthirsty monster haven’t only been seen a few times in cinemas since Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws.” Whether it’s Tarantulas, Deep Blue Seas, Shallows, Anacondas, Birds or Kojo – animal terrors make you shiver differently than any axe-killer.

Icelandic director Balthasar Kormakur may have copied a few things from the latest “Beast” movie. In “Cujo,” a child-loving Saint Bernard becomes a rabid predator who preys on a family who is forced to lock herself in a car for several days in order to survive. Similarly, in “Beast” d. Nate Samuel (Idris Elba) and his daughters Meredith (Ayana Haley) and Nora (Leah Jeffreys) as they visit their mother’s homeland, the African Savannah, after their mother’s death.

While on a safari with the family’s old friend, ranger Martin Battles (Sharlto Copley), the young family finds everyone in a village cut up and dead. Soon the mystery of who was responsible for the horrific act was solved: the lion, who had to watch the hunters take out his piece, now sees in every human an enemy who must be killed. He follows the four-headed group for miles at every turn and has only one goal: to get them between his paws.

It should not be taken lightly

“Several attacks without eating the prey – lions don’t,” Martin quickly marvels. Of course, if the animal behaves differently, then there will be no film. But perhaps the ranger feels that “the beast-hunters are ruthless” is not to be taken seriously. As if the premise wasn’t silly enough, the leaders – led by stubborn teenager Meredith – make one dumb decision after another to push the lame story forward. If any of the attendees were sane halfway through, they would simply get back in the jeep and drive home as fast as they could.

But of course it didn’t get that far. And so the viewers have to put up with how the small group tries to fight the monster with a knife (!!!) and kick it away. But this lion can do nothing more than inject tranquilizers or a group of hunters who come during the film and shoot him with semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons. The animal even survived a car explosion – only its mustaches are now black.

Idris Elba is better than Pest

Pretty cool for such junk: Idris Elba.

(Photo: IMAGO / Future Image)

In order to inject a little emotion into a survival movie, there is always pressure between Nate and Iyana, who resent her father for leaving her mother shortly before she was diagnosed with cancer. This is not to say that this story is remotely relevant to the course of the film. It looks forced and annoying. Instead of feeling sympathy for the teen, who has not yet come to terms with her mother’s death, one would like to feed her to the lions for the first few minutes, even before the monster first appears.

It’s hard to understand how Golden Globe winner Idris Elba got involved in such a neglected venture. Already in the first scenes, in which he was the victim of his daughter’s annoying sermons, it turns out that he is too good for the “beast”. But even his acting talent did not manage to save the film.

The shaky camera is the layer of icing on the cake that makes the flick an unbearable sight. In between, it looks as if an amateur has a GoPro camera strapped around his head. However, the hustle and bustle that is created does not have a dramatic effect, but a stunning one. However, one positive detail must be emphasized: “The Beast” lasts only 90 minutes. You can no longer take advantage of the story of a bloodthirsty killer lion anymore.

“Monster – merciless hunters” is now shown in German cinemas.

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