Mother shows chaos in the apartment with four children

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A mother of four from the USA regularly shows her daily family life on TikTok. She also displays chaos in her home.

“A little housekeeping takes care of itself,” says the well-known and almost eponymous song by Jonah Von Kocian from 1977. Today’s moms can sing a song about the fact that this has nothing to do with reality. Not only American TikTokerin and a mother of four, Brianna Jones (31) often sees chaos, turmoil and sometimes overwhelmed in her daily life with four children. However, unlike others, she is not shy about showing reality on her social media account as well. She always gives her fans courage.

Parenting: ‘I Know It’s Bad’ – A Cruel Mess for Four Kids

This 31-year-old from Georgia regularly posts real, undressed videos of everyday life with her offspring, aged one to seven, on the TikTok account “themessymama” (translated: “Messy Mom”). In a video, for example, she shows the mess in the kitchen and dining room after she had the flu for four days, she explains. Under the clip, she wrote, “I know it’s bad,” and continues, “Everyone was sick at the same time.” And indeed, the arrangement looks different: dishes, towels, laundry, rubbish are lying everywhere and distributed in the apartment.

A mother of four from the USA showcases the chaos in her kitchen on TikTok. © themessymama4 / TikTok

In addition to the critical comments below the video, she also receives a lot of sympathy and courage from her community for her status. Honestly, this is real life. One user wrote, for example, and another says: “Thanks for sharing. you are not alone. Complete. You help more people than you think. Others don’t let anyone know and it will only get worse.”

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Arranging with the kids: Tips to help the little ones

If you still want to get the mess under control, you can encourage your kids to help clean up. So-called lawn mower parents in particular tend to remove all obstacles from their children’s path, not only in a figurative sense, but also in the literal sense. That is why it can sometimes happen that they do their children’s homework. However, in the long run, this parenting style can cause great harm to children. Until children learn to arrange independently at some point, the following tips can help them even have fun with it:

  • Give your child specific instructions, such as: “Please put the Lego bricks in the blue box.” Because the task of ‘tidying up your room’ is often too big for the little ones and can be stressful for them.
  • Make the game ranking by playing. Tell your child that toys will now be put to bed rather than ‘just’ being cleaned and the toy cars will be parked in the garage. This method is especially useful for young children. After all, early practice makes sense, which is why they can participate in the ranking from the age of two and experience small successes.
  • A tidying routine can help youngsters participate. Because structures are important to children because they also provide them with security. For example, you could spend ten minutes putting toys together every night before you go to bed.
  • Use colored chests for different games. Your child will be able to find his way and clean up easily if he knows that dolls, for example, are put in the red box and Lego in the green box.

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