Prize from the Union for the Conservation of Nature: the Ugenhof near Bolheim is an ideal place to swallow

It buzzes and snores in the air that it is a delight. At least for Daniel and Christina Buchler. And no less so for Ulrich Trittler. A spokesperson for the Nature Conservation Society Herbrechtingen came to Ugenhof to present the couple, who have run the riding and riding facility there since the beginning of the year, a Naboo Medal for a swallow’s friend’s home.

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Swallow idyll: Ugenhof near Bolheim received an award from the Nature Conservation Union

200 swallows on the power line

In the case of Büchele, the word house is very small. Because the swallow revives all the stables. Daniel Buchler once tried to count inventory. 200 animals sat alone on the three cables of the power line that ran into the yard.

Pete Martins and Swallow the Barn at Home with Buchler. Cave-bred swallows make their nests in the building, and house martins, whose eggs hatched on the rocks, build their nests on the outer walls under the eaves. According to Trittler, there are 1,500 small balls of clay in such a nest, but due to the behavior of swallows on the Ugenhof, he also has to make concessions to the prevailing dogmas. For here some home martins crept into the stable house and built their nests on boards under the roof. Whatever the case, the conditions that the Trittler finds for the swallow at Ugenhof are ideal. “I’m really excited.” This also includes, as Daniel Buchler can report, that swallows always find water in a nearby hole next to the field.

Credit also goes to the previous owners

The Ugenhof is almost idyllic because the neighboring organic farm of the Bihlmaier family also takes care of these birds and has already won the Naboo Award for a swallow-friendly home. However, Daniel and Christina Buchler do not wish to accept this homage to themselves for a riding facility. They have continued what previous owners Wolfgang and Karen Ziegler had done to preserve the Schwalpen population.

According to Trettler, swallows are endangered due to the increasing decline in insects, but also because they no longer suffer in many places as well as in agriculture. “There are more and more people who don’t understand,” Trittler laments, but he knows farmers can have legitimate hygiene concerns, especially when it comes to stall-breeding barn swallows. Animal droppings in the stables of the Ugenhof riding facility cannot be overlooked.

More ingestion – fewer mosquitoes

But with the Buchler family, who also have dogs and cats in the house, it doesn’t bother them that extra cleaning is required from time to time. After all, the number of swallows also affects the number of often unwanted insects. “But we have fewer mosquitoes,” laughs Christina Buchler. Flying insects are the main food of the swallow. When it gets dark, bats take over the task in the yard.

The house sparrow also feels at home in the Ugenhof. This is not surprising for Trittlers, given the variety of oats and horse manure. However, according to Trittler, the famous house sparrow suffered the greatest loss in population.

Efforts in Bisingen

Bisingen gets a home for several Martins

Why hasn't a swallow house in Giengen been used yet

Efforts are also being made to provide housing for swallows in Bisingen. At the suggestion of the citizens of Besinger, the city administration would like to build a house for Martins with 44 nesting places at the entrance to the village. A subsidy has been requested from the Landscape Preservation Society for this, but this has not yet been approved. According to Representative Thomas Deem, the last contact with the association was on March 3. The city had already gotten offers to be able to better estimate the swallow’s house expenses. According to Diem, between 10,000 and 17,000 euros were requested. It is also expensive to erect a swallow house, because the platform with the nesting places must be at a height of four meters above the ground. According to Diem, this is to prevent birds from colliding with a vehicle when approaching and leaving.

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