Top stories from Thursday (25 August 2022)

Many Saarland residents are currently infected with coronavirus – according to RKI figures from Thursday

There are 481 new cases of corona in Saarland. All current numbers from Thursday (August 25, 2022): This is the number of Saarland residents currently infected with coronavirus – according to RKI numbers from Thursday today

Also withdrawn mineral water in Saarland: possible chemical residue

As a precaution, the beverage manufacturer is recalling one of its mineral water products. Reason: Chemical residues cannot be excluded. These are the details of the product recall: Mineral water also recalled in Saarland: Possible chemical residue

33-year-old Scheffweiler missing: According to police, a helpless situation cannot be ruled out

The Neunkirchen Police Inspectorate is currently requesting information on the whereabouts of a missing woman (33 years old) from Scheffweiler. This is known so far: 33-year-old Scheffoeler is missing: According to the police, a disabled situation cannot be ruled out

150 kilograms of cannabis harvested in Saarland

Hemp was first harvested in the Saarland. CBD oil is made from hemp. On the other hand, the hallucinogenic active ingredient THC is found in very small amounts in plants. Purpose of the product: Harvest 150 kg of cannabis in Saarland

Electricity prices at record levels guarantee a profit jump for Steag – three power plants in Saarland

You can make money back by using coal energy. With the numbers so good, utility group Steag has published key numbers for the first half of the year. Reason: Sale will start in the fall. More on this under: Electricity prices at record levels guarantee a profit jump for Steag – three power plants in Saarland

‘We’re exhausted’: Rocco visitors donate loads of camping gear to the homeless

Helping the homeless of Diakoni Saar is delighted with the generous donations of visitors to the Rocco del Shlaco Festival. Many handed over their camping gear and more to the homeless after the event. More on this under: ‘We’re Overwhelmed’: Rocco’s Visitors Donate Lots of Camping Gear to the Homeless

Ford Saarlouis: Negotiations are underway with interested parties

Two months ago, Ford decided in favor of Valencia and Sarlois for its electric vehicle plans. Now the state of Saarland is negotiating with new interested parties about the site. Because time is of the essence, says the Minister of Economy. More on this: Interested parties from around the world locate Ford in Saarlouis – that’s how it goes

Showers and thunderstorms expected in Saarland

Thunderstorms and rain are expected in Saarland during the weekend. A glimpse of the current forecast of the German Weather Service for the coming days: Showers and thunderstorms are expected in Saarland.

Fire threatens to spread to Ottweiler apartment building – ‘too close’

According to their own statements, Ottweiler’s fire brigade was able to prevent a fence fire from spreading to an apartment building “at the last minute”. More information about the operation: Fire threatens to spread to apartment building in Ottweiler – ‘very close’

The Nambourne garden shed fire spreads to the basement and lawn – smoke can be seen from B41

A fire broke out in a summer house in Herstein, an area of ​​the municipality of Namborn. The fire brigade published this information about the operation in Gehweilerstraße: a garden house fire in Namborn spreads to the basement and the meadow – smoke from B41 to see

Other blue light messages:

Complete closure of the new B269 near Sarlo: expect big traffic obstacles

From Monday (29 August 2022), the State Road Construction Office (LfS) will rehabilitate the B269 road between Ensdorf and Lisdorfer Berg. During construction work that lasted several weeks, the road was partially closed. LfS anticipates significant traffic obstacles: complete closure of the new B269 near Saarlouis: large traffic obstacles expected

Modepark Röther opens in Völklingen: 300 fashion brands, action branch, discount campaign and more

Mayor Christian Platt described Modepark Röther in Völklingen as “a new shopping attraction in the city centre”. Customers will be welcomed from Thursday morning. What’s on offer: Modepark Röther opens in Völklingen: 300 fashion brands, action branch, discount campaign and more

Dog swimming in Ensdorf outdoor pool: date set for 2022

Dog swimming season is getting closer and closer this year in the Saarland. A 2022 date has already been set for the Ensdorf outdoor pool. Ticket sales to start soon: Dogs swim in Ensdorf outdoor pool: 2022 date set

A sluggish economy faces a harsh winter

The economy in Saarland is anxiously looking forward to the upcoming winter half year. Many companies expect worse business. At the same time, many misfortunes await them. More on this: A good economy predicts a harsh winter

Police union calls for 150 new employees in Saarland

The German police union LV Saarland wants at least 150 new police jobs. The burden on officials is increasing. Advertisements by politicians were met with incomprehension. More on this: ‘It’s on fire’: Saar Police Union calls for at least 150 new employees

These festivals are taking place in Saarland this week

This weekend (26-28 August 2022) there will be quite a few festivals in Saarland again. We’ve summed up what awaits you here: Festivals in Saarland: where everyone celebrates this weekend

Parents in Saarland have to spend the second most money on textbooks

In Saarland, parents have to spend the second largest amount nationwide on school supplies for their children. Only in the Rhineland-Palatinate do legal guardian books cost more. More on this: Spending on school supplies: Saarland is the second most expensive federal state

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