What children can expect at Muddy Älbler Kids Run in Straßberg

Manufacturers have put in a lot of effort in the past few months to make the desire a reality. After a three-year hiatus with Corona, the second round of the Muddy Älbler obstacle course begins on Saturday 17th September. What’s new: This time there will also be a Muddy Älbler Kids Run, where Ski Club Truchtelfingen will receive support from the friendly Straßberg Ski Club. The kids’ race sponsor is Sparkasse Zollernalb, who will also provide a team for the Muddy Älbler obstacle course.

The first idea of ​​kids running was already in 2019

“We already said in 2019 that it would be great to have a race for the kids,” says Marco Weber, president of the Truchtelfingen Ski Club. “A lot of the kids played in the mud on the sidelines anyway and then looked just like the adult participants,” Marco Webber says with a smile.

Designed for children ages 4 and up

The 900-meter track with five obstacles from a sandy hill to a mud pit is designed for children from the age of four. “There is no measurement of time in children’s race,” says Marco Webber. The focus is not on athletic performance. Kids should have fun – just as the fun factor is the top priority in the event in general.

ZAK exists as a media partner

The second edition of the Truchtelfingen Ski Club event will take place again at the Straßberg quarry in Schotter-Teufel (today’s Holcim). “We are very happy that we can retain the site,” explains Marco Webber. ZOLLERN-ALB-KURIER is also participating as a media partner and will also be present on September 17th with the ZAK team of ZAK readers and staff.

No time to keep track of the little ones

Those who participate in the adults will make their way through mud puddles, climb up wooden walls and speed up rocky cliffs. With the little ones on the Muddy Älbler Kids Run track, the whole thing is of course a few sizes smaller. There will also be no time to sign up for the kids’ race.

11 obstacles await adults

Adult participants have to overcome a total of 11 obstacles at a height of about 200 meters. One lap is about 3.5 kilometers. Participants themselves decide how many to escape when they score, and can choose between one turn and seven turns. Participants decide for themselves how far they want to go. If you manage to manage seven laps, you will travel 24 kilometers with pride.

Get the starter packs on September 12th

As in 2019, there will be an individual and group ranking again. New this time around is the sponsors company’s teams ranking. Prizes await especially successful runners. In addition, everyone who finishes the race will receive a medal and a final jersey. Participants can pick up the respective starter packages on September 12 from 4pm at Intersport-Rebi in Truchtelfingen.

Recordings are still possible

In 2019, you were only allowed to participate from the age of 18, this time from the age of 16, provided that both parents provide an acknowledgment of consent. In addition, runners this year can choose the starting sets and thus start running. “Registrations are still possible on our website until September 5th,” Webber adds. So far 600 participants have been registered. “We are assuming we will have about 800 beginners,” explains the president of the Truchtelfingen Ski Club.

Tent for all possibilities

A support program with food and drinks is also planned again. “We will also put up a tent so that we are independent of the weather when it comes to food,” says Arne Vollmer of the Truchtelfingen Ski Club team. What else is different compared to 2019? “There will be two or three new obstacles, otherwise we will stick to the concept that has been proven.”

Oktoberfest in Strasbourg

If you still want to strengthen yourself with music on a Saturday evening, you can – on the advice of Marco Weber – make a stop at the Oktoberfest of the Musikverein in Straßberg. Due to dates being pushed back, both events will now take place on September 17th.

Thankful to the helpers

Preparations for the obstacle course are well advanced, and details will need to be refined over the next few days. Marco Weber and his fellow activists are very grateful for the support of our club partners and sponsors: “We have reached the limit in our small club of around 200 members and have not been able to handle it on our own,” says Truchtelfinger SC President.

Kids race starts at 1pm

Registration for Muddy-Älbler-Kids-Lauf takes place on September 17 only on site from 11 am. The race starts at 1 pm. Children born in 2018 or later can participate if they are accompanied by a legal guardian and children born in 2012 or later without an accompanying parent. Each child gets a final hat and a Muddy Älbler medal. Entry fees are not charged. “But we will create a donation fund that you are welcome to fill,” says Marco Webber. Proceeds from Muddy-Älbler-Kids-Lauf are donated to the Association to Support Children with Cancer in Tübingen, in keeping with the motto “Kids help children”.

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