The 111th day of racing at Drensteinfurt with the French guests

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Looking forward to race day: Mayor Carsten Grönder (left), first president Klaus Stork (fourth from left), second president Heinz Kohlmann (fifth from left), sporting director Detlev Orth (seventh from left) and third. President Paul Vils (second from right). © Wiesrecker

On Sunday, August 28, it’s time again: Day 11 of racing begins at Earlfield with probably perfect weather. Visitors can look forward to eleven exciting and fascinating trotting races, which are too well-balanced to give a winning tip.

Drensteinfurt – After a long break, the young horses will start again in two races. French guests from the twin city of Ingres and three visitors from the Italian city of Castel Maggiore will also attend.

Klaus Stork found many words of thanks Wednesday night at the upcoming race day’s press conference. “We owe the fact that we are doing a good ride and a good racetrack to many of our assistants with their tireless efforts,” he said. A race day of this magnitude in Drensteinfurt would not have been possible without the sponsors, stressing their great importance.

Originally, horse racing was supposed to take place on the third Sunday in August. “We have now postponed that date to the fourth Sunday,” he explained. The reason is the German Traber Derby, which always falls on the third Sunday in August. The time for the first race has also changed – from 2pm to 1.30pm. This is due to the little trots, who are back for the first time in a long time.

traditional hat competition

This year, Race Day is dedicated to the twinning of Ingres. “We’re promising a proper award ceremony,” Stork declared. Of course, there will be a legendary hat competition. The organizers, Edeltraud Schulze Forsthövel and Irmgard Dohm, who have been responsible for organizing the event for ten years, are particularly excited about the French participants.

Cake stand number one, who has made a name for himself far beyond Stewwert’s confines, will no longer be around. Maria Schmand has worked for ten years with her teammates Doris Asbrand, Barbara Bowker, Maria Bunkoh, Irmgard Hoeluchter, Brigitte Rossmayer, Dorothy Schmand, Maria Tegemann-Wegner, Monica Unkhof, Lena and Ingrid Walbaum, as well as Sylvia Weitling. “That’s enough for now. It’s been ten great years in which we achieved extraordinary things. The decision was taken unanimously by the team.

“You did it in a perfect way, in a very professional way, and did a lot of good with your donations,” Storck emphasized. As a small thank you, Roland Klein, Board Member of Sparkasse Münsterland Ost, promised the women to have coffee together at the expense of Sparkasse and donated €500 to a good cause, which the team could choose for themselves.

Cakes and face painting

The good news: The Traberherz Club ladies replaced them. “We will sell the cakes we bought, and the proceeds will go to Traberherz charities,” Rodegang Elkendorf says. Face painting for kids with Susan Fogling from Spielwaren Fifikus and of course he won’t miss the big raffle with tempting prizes.

Sporting director Detlev Orth took a look at the races. A total of 17 participants will start the junior horse race in two races. Unlike in previous years, hardly any Dutch joggers take part on Sunday, because there are also races held in Wolfega, the Netherlands at the weekend.

Numerous balanced races promise good odds.

Foreign horses currently have to pay around 250 euros to cross the border. An amount that commends, says Orth. As a result, you have to rely almost exclusively on German horses this year. Orth explains that there is no need to fear the Dutch competition. Among the eleven races there are some “remarkable” participants.

“Even in the first race, only the horses that have won on grass in the last few weeks run without exception,” Orth says. In this race, there is the first grand prize in the winning bet. There will be a total of five jackpots in outright betting.

There are eleven races in total, ten of which are tack races and one traditional trot race. Successful contestant Runja Walter will be there. Leah Ahokas, who won in Berlin last Sunday, is also in the starting, as is Casanova d’Amour from Drensteinfurt stable and the world’s largest 14-year-old jogger, Garry. “The horse that won 74 of 150 races at Drensteinfurt,” Orth affirmed appreciatively. They are joined by Hope For Children, who have won the last four races. “The third race promises to be particularly exciting,” he promises.

600 km trip

There will also be a “Prize for Everyone”, where each horse can start. Mr. Gunther Loring, nearly 80 years old, will be on his horse, Uranus. Of particular note is one of the runners from Bavaria: Heinrich Berger and his horses traveled 600 kilometers to reach Earlfeld.

A guest driving seven drivers won’t miss out on Sunday. “The many balanced races promise good odds,” Orth says. As usual, there are win, place, double and triple bets.


Since 2015, Jochen Holzschuh has been the undisputed winner of the Drivers’ Cup, where the top three drivers are rewarded with €750 for the first, €500 for the second and €250 for the third winner. The tide could turn this year. “With eight horses, Jochen Holzshaw has a good chance,” Orth said. But he can only win the Driver’s Cup if he shows at least one win.

Roland Klein set the 111th trot race under the slogan “Hart Race Helau”. “It’s a sign of continuity, which is only possible thanks to the excellent ‘Elferrat’,” Klein remarked appreciatively. And as a big thank you, promise that Sparkasse Münsterland Ost will cover the cost of the first 111 tickets.

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