The Eurocheval night show in Offenburg makes you want more horses – Offenburg

The show is shown on the eve of the Eurocheval as a result of training horses that look fun, easy and easy.

The Eurocheval horse fair will be held for the first time in August after the outbreak of the pandemic. The Wednesday night pre-show offered an entertaining mix of training and showtime elements.

After a four-year hiatus, the International Horse Show once again presents a large number of shows on the themes of horse breeding, equestrian sports, horse breeding and equine health until Sunday. Western riders are also represented this year by their own, and the pre-night show centers around this riding style. Young Dutch horse trainer Jan Zwiers and his team review the different stages of training Western horses.

Teaching units alternating with display

After each teaching unit, he cleared the spacious terraced plaza at the Offenburg Exhibition Center for Loic Teutsch and his fellow riders from “L’Ecurie de la Cantera”. She inspires the audience with the numbers of shows in the style of the Wild West. It’s funny at first, when cowboys and clowns entertain the audience, and then magical romance with dressage, drawn by a young Indian-looking woman without a saddle or bridle. With minimal assistance, she guides her horse, which freely and willingly uses the vastness of the yard in various walks and poses.

It’s fast and fast when Frenchman Loic Teutsch and another rider from his group perform “Hungarian Post in Indian” as the presenter calls this staggering figure. Both riders stand on the backs of two horses running side by side, and at the end one of the riders leads a total of four horses that stand and jump. This requires mutual trust and perfect coordination between horse and rider. View dividers and learning units by Jan Zuers Alt. Zwers, who has worked as a young horse trainer in the Netherlands, USA and France, is explaining to the audience the training of a young Western horse this evening. Awareness, desensitization, and praise are the three essential components of horse training.

The clicker is not disturbed

Zwers shows how he teaches baby mare quick movements when asked to do ground work or how to get them used to dangerous situations. Neither the big flag waving over her head nor the annoying leafblower can bother a mare. In the saddle training module, Zwers shows how he teaches the horse tricky moves and turns, which also stretch and build muscle, primarily with the help of the thighs, weight and a little help with control. “Western-style dressage” shows slowing and stopping for jumping out of a full boat, changes in flying case, and demanding sideways movements. Everything seems fun, easy and easy.

The “cow sense”—the feeling for cow behavior—is what he calls Zwers when his Western horse flattens his ears and focuses entirely on the herd of cattle that have been herded in the yard. When the herd is pushed over obstacles and during a race, one of the small animals always runs away. Focus and composure are the mantra only here, only when a baby cow is caught with the rope does the Zweer increase the speed with pinpoint accuracy. Success is rewarded with applause, which also seems to please the horses. There was thunderous applause as Twitch and his rider raced across the track at full speed, performing fast acrobatics on and off the horse.

Friday Show Jumping Championship

Twitch and Zwer say thank you and happy to be there in Offenburg this year after a long hiatus caused by Corona. The evening makes you want more horses, more ideas about courses and shows at Eurocheval 2022. The arena will be used during the fair for the highest shows at 12:30pm and on Saturday evenings to show the party. The showjumping championship will also be held here for the first time on Friday.

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