5 Tips on How to Mentally Challenge and Encourage Your Dog

Many dogs enjoy certain tasks. It challenges you mentally. In addition, the relationship with her human being is getting closer.


The basics in brief

  • Your dog’s entertainment doesn’t have to stop when you walk the dog.
  • Retrieval, agility, or bouncy training are exciting alternatives.
  • What is the mental training of a dog, the owner loves to challenge him physically.

Just going for a walk every day can get boring in the long run. But there are plenty of opportunities for dogs and their mistresses or masters to make their daily lives diverse together.

The important thing here is that the new hobby should be enjoyable for both of you. Below is an overview of the possible activities and their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Training recovery

Many dogs like to bring things. “Such training has many advantages, the dog can be fully used both mentally and physically,” explains dog trainer Franziska Herri.

There are countless variations, training is appropriate for young and old, and can be quite complex for advanced dogs, and ultimately also promotes basic obedience and cooperation between humans and animals.

For example, the dog must remain seated while throwing objects, and this trains important impulse control. Or retrieval is practiced by whistling the dog again on its way to the dummy.

The dog trainer considers this training to be more reasonable than throwing balls. “With that stupid rush, the dogs are heating up more and more.”

2. Canecross

Athletic people can allow their dogs to pull it off when running, skating or cycling. This requires a special harness for dogs and humans.

This should fit both well, so it shouldn’t pinch anywhere or even cut your dog’s breath.

“Canicross is a perfect fit for athletic people who have healthy, medium-sized dogs,” says dog trainer Monica Gross. However, care should be taken to build up the animal’s condition slowly.

3. agility hopper

This dog sport is suitable for animals of all ages and sizes. Unlike normal agility, a human does not run through a path, but rather guides his dog at various obstacles, such as barrages or tunnels, from a distance.

In addition, the dog does not have to jump, it does not put pressure on its joints. “I’m a huge fan of Hooper Agility because dogs work so closely with their humans,” Heyere says.

4. Clicker training

If you want to teach your dog tricks, you can use clicker training. With the help of a click, the dog shows when he has done something right.

“The percussion apparatus is always fast and consistent, while feelings always come with praise with the voice,” Gross says, citing the advantage of this training.

However, a human has to be very focused and fast in order to tap early enough. For example, if a dog will be rewarded for sitting down and clicking only when he stands up again, it means that he is learning something wrong.

5. Target search

Here, too, animals are mentally well used. You can also train at home, so training is also suitable for bad weather.

The dog is taught to look for a small object, such as a paper clip, tea bag, or key.

“First of all, he was trained to touch an object with his nose,” Hyeri explains.

This is done by holding it in his hand, and as soon as the dog pushes it, he gets a reward and the name in question is said, eg ‘clip’ or ‘key’.

When the dog understands the principle, the object is hidden, for example in the hand or in space.

Only when this works reliably can another component be included in the training. Over time, the dog has many things in his collection that he can search for on the given command.

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