Church – mother and teacher in morals

Pope Paul VI wrote: Almost prophetic, but also for his time. In “Human Biography” the Church is “the guarantor of the true values ​​of man” but is under attack: “It is to be expected that perhaps not all readily accept this traditional teaching; reinforced by modern means of communication, very many dissenting voices will rise against the word of the Church. But the Church, which Unsurprisingly, she is posed just like her Divine Founder for the opposite signnevertheless upholds its mission to proclaim the entire moral law, natural and evangelical, humbly but also firmly.”

Today we see in private signatures of the time that attacks on Catholic moral teachings occur in the midst of the Church – certainly reinforced by media resonance, but not because of it. The Church, and therefore each one of us, is called to resist “opposing voices” through evangelization, witness and prayer – and to remain faithful to the Church’s moral teaching.

If we carefully observe the developments on the synodal path in Germany, we clearly see what Paul VI was. The science of 1968 which has been and will remain binding up to our time: “The Church is not the author of these two laws. Therefore it cannot decide on it at its own discretion, but can only be the guardian and interpreter; it must never declare that what is in fact unlawful. legally because by its nature it is contrary to the true good of man. By upholding the whole law of marriage, the Church knows very well that it contributes to the building of an authentic human culture. It also encourages man not to shirk his responsibilities by relying on technical means. In this way he guarantees the dignity of the spouses.” Do all bishops still exercise this guardianship?

The Church, according to Paul VI, is “the mother and teacher of all peoples” and calls people to “faithful obedience to God’s commandment regarding marriage.” At the same time, families and peoples will receive help “in carrying out morally regulated birth control”: “The Church cannot act towards people differently from our Divine Savior: she knows the weakness of people, and has mercy on the multitudes, she takes herself the sinner in. But she must know that The law that is truly the law of human life: that life was restored to its original truth, driven by the Spirit of God.”

Only the Church can hold fast to the truth. This also applies to birth control: “But morally required birth control requires the spouses above all to fully recognize and appreciate the true goodness of life and family, as well as a constant effort to control all aspects of themselves and their instinctive life.” This ‘spiritual rule’ about nature’s instinct is possible with Asceticism and Abstinence: “Such self-discipline, an expression of marital chastity, need not harm marital love; instead, it fills them with a higher sense of humanity. Such self-discipline requires constant effort; but their healing power leads spouses to the full growth of themselves And it makes them rich in spiritual goods. It gives the family real peace and also helps to overcome other difficulties.”

Last but not least, following the correct order of love is important to raising children. Paul VI chooses words filled with hope: “Self-control gives parents an inwardly and more effective authority in the upbringing of their children: accordingly, as they grow older, children and youth will acquire the right attitude to true human values, and the powers of their minds and senses unfold in happy harmony.”

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