Is it possible to relax on a weekend trip with the kids? Tips for parents

The author’s daughter is in a golf lesson. Collecting balls was more fun

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sA colleague told me after her vacation that I urgently need a vacation now. I knew exactly what she meant: She had spent two weeks with her two young children, and while that’s cute, it’s also stressful. Because what you need most on vacation you don’t get with few: time to yourself. Fully aware of this fact, I booked a short trip to Scharmutzelsee for my daughter (5) and myself, for two days at the Precise Resort Bad Saarow, which has just opened.

I asked myself the night before, were you really crazy, that would be pure stress! Didn’t think about it! All the effort with the kids isn’t so important on long trips, but do you now seriously change clothes, towels, sunscreen, a watering can, a shovel, five comic books, headphones for the kids, what looks like a slab of fruit and an animal swimming for a few hours in The lake by train (you can get to Bad Saarow from Berlin by regional train)?

Of course I dragged. So is the kids’ backpack, which she was only allowed to attend because my daughter promised to carry it herself this time. I did this mainly because I wanted to see if short trips with young children could be comfortable if the basic conditions were right. Because that’s what I chose Precise Resort for: maximum friendliness for the kids, with plenty of fun activities for the little ones and an area where they can move around freely. Among other things, the hotel has a private beach in Scharmutzelsee with access to very shallow water. You can stay in the reclining chair while the child cooks the watery soup with the sand attachment. My daughter was so excited she was able to read five wonderful pages of the book at once – a real victory for parents.

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Then we went to golf, there are four courses next to the hotel where you can play “Millionaire Golf”, as one hotel guest explained to me later at the dinner buffet: You always have the courses to yourself, a feeling that is usually really priceless. The resort’s golf instructor, Mark Stumpy, offers demo lessons for kids (about €45, free training for youngsters every Saturday during the summer season, only with pre-registration).

Stumpe has a real talent for kids (and adults who’ve never held a racket). After making my daughter really happy with his suggestion of throwing balls instead of hitting them, he explained his philosophy to me: “Children are not little adults, they need their own good equipment, and little batons too. You have to keep their natural curiosity, they want to play and that’s why I should Training is as varied as possible.

We didn’t need a “kids club”, crazy!

And for the parents who crave a little holiday respite, that counts on people like Mark Stumpy. Who doesn’t just deal wholeheartedly with kids and just stand by while you make fun of your little ones, but actually manages to build a connection. During a golf lesson, I was able to practice some tees myself without thinking “Now my daughter might be bored”.

Of course you don’t have to book a golf instructor, you can, for example, simply travel with good friends who have kids – or meet other families on vacation. So while my daughter made cute friends with another little girl at the kids’ pool, I was able to finish four more pages of the novel. Downtime ended with a spaghetti brawl at the pool, but hey, coming here in the middle of the holiday season was totally worth it. It’s more expensive, but you also have the best chance that many other kids will stay in the hotel. And yes, as a parent, you want it!

In the end, my daughter didn’t even try the things that made me choose the exact resort in the first place. There is also a “kids club” where children from the age of three can play under supervision. It seemed to me like heaven. Surprisingly I didn’t need it because I was able to refuel really well on the beach and golf. But seriously, my colleague with the two kids asked, indignant, was it really worth packing half the family’s needs just to go out for two days? I just smiled and thought about the rest: I don’t need vacation after vacation right now.

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