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Tournament experience for Icelandic horses Kjarni in Sonnenberg

27.08.2022, 15:11

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Inkin Dirks (13 years old) started with her Icelandic horse Kjarni (14 years old) at the tournament held in Sonnenberg. The night camp will be held in the stadium adjacent to the tournament area. Jack’s dog is there too.

Photo: Arne Grohmann

Why spend an entire weekend with the animals? Inken and Maren Diercks enjoy the “hobby”. Maybe enough for “Wetten, dass…”.

Get up early, feed the horses, clean them, get them on the trailer. Long on the highway, competition, sleeping in the car or in the horse trailer. Why are you doing this? We asked at the Icelandic horse course in Sonnenberg, which takes place on Saturdays and Sundays.

It is only the third tournament for Garni (14). who – which Icelandic horse resigned on saturday walking test In Sonnenberg (ed.). how did you find it? Not good, says passenger Enkin. The 13-year-old traveled with her mother from Westerwalsede near Verden. “The weather, a new place – you have to get used to the championship atmosphere first,” says Maren Dirks, 50. But the two will ride more on Sunday exams. Let’s see how it goes then.

The family decided long ago in favor of the Icelandic horses living on the farm at home. Now the entry is in progress ChampionshipsBut with caution and without cramps and false ambition.

Tournaments are good, but it’s still just a hobby

“We want to get a sense of how it works, whether we all like it,” says Maren Dirks. That’s it too horse About Me. very important! If all goes well, the second horse should “go to the championships” next year. But it’s still just a hobby.

Icelandic horses can walk like a sewing machine

What makes Icelandic horses so special is their special gait. In addition to the usual walking, hobo and gallop, Icelandic horses can do this Tolten. This quick and visually special trip is often compared to a sewing machine. The lexicon says: “The Tölt is the four-stroke side gait that this breed is known for. allow a lot Low vibration rideBecause it does not spring between steps as in jogging or trotting.”

Don’t brake too much

Understood? “It sounds easy, but it’s not!” Marine Dirks confirms. Especially if you like them from the classics Riding Come on, one must first learn to deal with it. “In the beginning, you usually just want the brakes.”

“That’s okay up to 50 km/h‘, says tournament organizer Sonnenberger Thomas Schilhornthe first president of the association Icelandic horse friends Gandor About the pace of the race walk, which was also clarified during the tests.

Sonnenberger at first with “Wetten, dass…” – waiting for ice

Sonnenberger is still waiting for the possibility to appear on ZDF’s “Wetten, dass…”. It’s only on the back burner now, but now it’s on the back burner bet It was accepted at the time but not yet implemented.

“We bet the Icelandic horse is faster on the ice than that European ChampionThomas Schilhorn says: In 2001, she already had a successful small test against one of them hockey player In the former ice rink Brunswick Given. “Now we have to wait for the next shipment and for Salzgitter Lake to freeze…”

Walk cleanly at different temperatures

In Sonnenberg, participants wait for each other Bielefeld or Luneburg They arrive for their competition, presenting their gait at different times to the jury as cleanly as possible. And always stay on the right track! If you step next to the green, you’re out.

Practically small – Icelandic horses stand by vehicles and tents at night

“Everything is small family‘, as Thomas Schilhorn says of Icelandic horsemen. Many of them stay overnight in area Next to the championship stadium. Unlike the big horse tournaments, small tournaments are allowed there for little Icelanders the ring They are marked, right next to the trailer, the trailer and the tent or camper.

About 100 passengers

“Children and adults – recreational riders or Professionals“Everyone is there,” said the association president. About 100 passengers came. Since Sonnenberger championship this year exactly between the two biggest Championships Lies, but this time less for advanced and experienced than in previous years.

Weekend in Heidepark or with the horses

So, why do you keep having a long weekend for horses and people? “Well, the others go to Hydepark, we’re out with our horses,” says Marin Dirks.Riding competition One only learns by riding the courses.”

Saturday evening farm festival in Sonnenberg

There is also the Court Festival of Championship in Sonnenberg on Saturday evening (Morgenweg 2b). Entry from 6pm, cocktails and beach barwith the party band PT 42, after 90s Trash, box office 5 euros.

a video From the tournament in Sonnenberg you can see

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