Diamond Drawing Pen: Hobbyist Tools and Decorations

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Diamond painting for kids and adults: create your own artwork

Diamond painting is a beautiful and innovative hobby, especially in the time of Corona

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At first glance, the pre-printed and cut-out images are a bit reminiscent of “painting by numbers”. However, the motifs have no color: in diamond painting, small crystal stones are used to create mosaic-like artwork.

Whether it is landscapes, animals, works of art or still life – diamond painting offers endless shapes for children and adults with different levels of difficulty. However, the principle always remains the same: colored crystal stones are placed in numbered fields with a special pen and remain there (due to the sticky surface or with the help of wax). Depending on the manufacturer, round and square “diamonds” are offered, with the former being more suitable for beginners. Below, we offer ideas for different age groups that are not only fun, but also should improve fine motor skills.

Instructions: You should pay attention to this in advance

Before proceeding to work, you should consider a few points: when painting diamonds, the decorations are often covered with thin foil – they protect the fields from drying out. In order for your stones to stick to the fields, it is important that you do not remove the entire tin beforehand. Instead, it is advisable to expose only the small areas that you want to work on. This will give you adhesion to the remaining fields. Usually the scope of delivery includes a picture in addition to the picture diamond drawing penTray or small bowls to separate colored stones. You can also use tweezers to change the fixed position of the already glued mosaic afterwards.

Diamond drawing for kids: 5 animal shapes

1. Forest dwellers

The degree of difficulty increases with the size and complexity of the idea. So the small pictures are suitable for young children to practice: In this group Ten different forest dwellers are included, including a pen and a tablet.

2. Dogs puppies

Kids who are more experienced with diamond painting (recommended age is six) can try this cute shape: puppies It results in a 31 x 41 cm image.

3. Horses

This figure is well suited for children who love horses: the two animals form a 30 x 40 cm artwork. In the scope of delivery Next to the stones you will find a diamond drawing pen, wax and a tray.

4. Lion

This one is more difficult lion motif For children from the age of eight: The 45 x 35 cm screen has a whopping 21,840 chambers. They are attached to a wax which is included in the scope of delivery.

5. Owl

Unlike other works of art, this work consists of various mosaics: there are round, oval and teardrop-shaped rhinestones. Together, they result in an iridescent 40 x 40 cm owl motif.

Diamond Painting for Adults: 5 Creative Shapes

1. Japanese temple

The architecture of the Japanese temple served as a model for this modern idea. In the scope of delivery Includes pre-arranged bags with colored stones inside, diamond paint pens, jelly wax, and tray.

2. A starry night

Artist Vincent van Gogh made this famous figure in Early Expressionism. The starry night It is assembled from round stones and comes with a pen, bowl and wax.

The third beach

Who does not enjoy spending time by the sea? this is beach motif Aims to bring that holiday feeling into your home: Scope of delivery includes a diamond paint pen, a bowl and some wax to attach the colored stones.

4. Ginkgo

Those who prefer floral motifs fare better with this photo: 40 x 50 cm ginkgo It consists of square stones – therefore it is less suitable for beginners.

5. Amazon

This mysterious figure is a good choice for ardent fantasy fans: it shows a Amazon Together with the bald eagle. Appropriate stones and tools are included.

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