Namika goes on the “How are you?” tour. Spring 2023 | All information and tickets are available here!


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Starting in May 2023, Nameka will be on a big tour across Germany, Austria and Switzerland with loads of new music! You can find everything about their upcoming album and upcoming tour as well as tickets and pre-sales right here on the blog.

Tickets for “How Are You? Tour 2023”

At the end of May 2023 it will finally start again and you can enjoy watching Namika on different stages in Germany as well as in Austria and Switzerland! Besides her famous hits, Namika also has plenty in her baggage to make her awesome tour even more energetic. But first things first!

Nameka | how are you? Tour 2023 | Appointments and tickets

  • 05/29/2023,

    Nuremberg – The Lion’s Hall

  • 05/30/2023,

    Zurich – Dealers

  • 05/31/2023,

    Munich – Moffat Hall

  • 01/06/2023,

    Vienna – SimCity

  • 06/03/2023,

    Cologne – E-Werk

  • 06/04/2023,

    Dortmund – FZW

  • 05.06.2023,

    Stuttgart – im Weizmann (lounge)

  • 07.06.2023,

    Hamburg – Edel . Optics Arena

  • 08.06.2023,

    Berlin Columbia Halle

  • 09/06/2023,

    Dresden – old slaughterhouse

  • 06/11/2023,

    Hanover – Capitol

  • 06/12/2023,

    Frankfurt – Pachkap

Tickets are on Ticketmaster pre-sale starting August 31, 2022!

Tickets How are you? Tour 2023″

Not so long ago, in May of this year to be exact, the talented Frankfurt native finally started production again after a short break! With the single “Globus”, you managed to open the summer with a song full of beats from Afropop and good tunes!

Come, I’ll turn the globe – and hit it, whether it’s the North Pole or Curaçao. One direction, two by one, wherever your finger points

Nameka, 2022

The origin of the song may not be clear to many at first. Because Namika wrote the track in the middle of the peak phase of the epidemic and tried to create a song with positive thoughts and lots of good energy that instantly transports you to another world. And it succeeded! Because Globus makes you want to discover something new, for travel or downtime. Because if you can’t get out into the world, you can at least bring it home! But it is better to listen to yourself:

But “Globus” isn’t the rapper’s only new masterpiece in Frankfurt. A month later, she released her next song, Touché, with rapper Pajel. Even if “Touché” went in a completely different direction in terms of content and sound, the song still clearly bears Namika’s signature. Although Touché’s song with its melancholy style and melancholy synth sounds clearly contrasts with the previous single “Globus”, this once again confirms his amazing musical talent and Nameka.

The video of the uniformly atmospheric in the darkened hotel room also enhances the dark, dramatic and melancholy vibe from an aesthetic point of view for the entire route. Her fans have been wanting a collaboration with Pajel for a long time and they really get their money’s worth with ‘Touché’. Overall, Namika made a strong and impressive start to the game with the two tracks after a long time without any new releases or albums.

New album planned for early fall 2022!

Of course, their tour, planned for the spring of 2023, will not begin without a new album. Because the name of the tour didn’t come out of nowhere, of course. So you can probably already guess that Nameka’s new album will be called “How Are You?” It will be released in early fall this year. It is said that “Globus” and “Touché” were just the tip of the iceberg. Because “How are you?” It was produced in the last three years and thus represents a time when things were going up and down. We can look forward to an album that elegantly combines Afro-Pop, dark trap, German-Urban-Pop and French chanson and does not come with 0815 themes in terms of content.

If we take a closer look at Nameka’s discography, expectations for the new album remain consistently high. With her debut album “Nador” and the popular single “Favorite Man”, the artist managed to stay in the charts for a full 34 weeks and received many awards. Even with the next album, the success did not stop. With her second hit single “Je ne parle pas français” from her follow-up album “Que Walou”, it once again reached number one on the German charts. After their impressive and successful run so far, we can definitely look forward to a third masterpiece with strong injury potential.

© Lindsey Apolis

The track list for the upcoming album so far offers an insight into what we can look forward to. For example, the upcoming song “Unknown” describes the situation you face when certain people do not accept the refusal, and therefore constantly call a blocked number. The theme and subtleties of love are emotionally inserted into the song “Love is”. The lyrics to “What You Don’t See” give us an initial glimpse into the theme of the track:

They look at me, and walk away – like I have a gun / I hold their bag / A parasite in heaven / Aren’t we all thieves – just from a different perspective?

Nameka, “What You Don’t See”

Another song from Namika’s upcoming third album is “Saudade”. The Portuguese word describes a very specific kind of longing and melancholy and perhaps gives us a bit of anticipation as to where the trip might go.

Tickets from Wednesday at Ticketmaster Presale!

Already one week before the start of regular sales, you can buy tickets for “How are you?” In a Ticketmaster preview. Tour 2023 “Safe! To be more precise, on Wednesday, August 31, 2022, from 10:00 AM you can get your tickets for the unique artist. The Ticketmaster pre-show is open to all fans and should be understood as the start of the regular pre-sale, a little earlier !

With all her unique and awesome tracks, Namika guarantees that you will be an artist to see her live at least once. Their brilliant mix of racy pop and captivating rap has always been compelling. Their new album in particular gives hope for great things! That’s why it’s best to secure “How are you?” tickets. As soon as possible. Tour 2023″!

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