Tanya Kothen wins the M dressage test at Nieder-Wöllstadt

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Under critical scrutiny: Saskia Mitzen (Leidhecker RFV). © Jürgen Kessler

After Corona’s two-year break, the riding and driving club in Nieder-Wallstadt organized another dressage tournament in Lindenhof. 75 starts were recorded.

The tournament began with the toughest taming, the M-Class Test, where only Hessian Senior Dressage Rider Club members could participate. Assenheim’s Tanya Kothen won after a successful performance with her big-frame dark bay Oldenburg mare Viovel. It received a score of 7.5 by the two judges, Rita Holzhauer (Schwalbach) and Julia Stiller (Hanau). The host club’s Vera Henning-Schmidt managed to get the second rag with the gorgeous Hanover chestnut Marie Chica de la Luna by a tenth lead, ahead of Domäne Kinzigheimer’s Jasmine Vero of Domäne Kinzigheimer Hof Bruchhköbel on the ten-year-old Trakehner. ves. They score 6.5 and 6.4, respectively.

This was followed by a level one dressage horse test, which was accepted four to six years old. The goal of this competition is to show a horse as balanced as possible, which shows correct hoof patterns with smooth transitions between gait. The position, bending, and difference between the different temperatures of the trot and trotting should be shown. The gait of the young horse should be visible. Here twelve pairs of horses and knights faced the judges’ judgment. The Oldenburg black and brown four-year-old stallion Divino Noir by Dreamboy from Dam by Fürstenball won great moves and great cuteness with a dream score of 8.2. It was ridden by Matthias Alexander Krogh of RFV Wintermühle (Neu-Anspach). Bilstein’s Kilian Baez came second with his five-year-old Westphalian mare Vindus with a score of 7.0, followed by RSG Berghoff-Bonstadt’s Laura Ruete on France’s five-year-old Westphalian mare Kiss the Press with a score of 6.7.

In the subsequent dressage class, there were twelve participants at the start. The winner was Anna Ott with Bill Ami of Johanschof Bad Nauheim (7.5) ahead of Alina Bieber with the Laurentian 1st Team of the Reichsheim/Blofeld Riding Association (7.2) and Saskia Melzen of Leidshack Riding and Riding Club (7.0) with Ramazzotti carpentry.

After the Lindenhof’s riding hall gradually filled up, another highlight of this tournament was reached: the L-level dressage test. After a successful performance, Francesca Rinker, sporting director of the host club, was pleased with a score of 7 in her riding pony Carlos Carreño.7 I was able to book victory easily. Jamila Bob of RFV Horlofftal Hungen came on Nala in second ahead of Frederic Kunkel with her mare Lilith, who competes with RC Altenstadt.

The tests for the young riders began in the afternoon. Mona Buchhaupt of the host club managed to win the dressage competition with Gretel in her first tournament with a score of 7.5. And one of the few male players in this tournament took second place: Finn Rohmes Slabsch of RFV Nieder-Florstadt on mare Lilly Fee with Karla Best of Nieder-Wöllstadt on her elegant pony mare Isi Peasy, who won the hearts of all visitors.

In the junior equestrian competition, Mia Brück of RSG Reichelsheim-Blofeld beat Het Vienetto directly before Leni Schweinfurth of the host club in Ophelia, followed by fellow club member Mariella Granderath with Amy. Fourth place was taken by Lisa Marie Stetten of Leidhecker RFV and Mona Buchaupt of RFV Nieder-Wöllstadt on Gretel.

In the runners category, the entry category for youngsters who are not yet free to ride, but are led, the fit of the young to the horse while walking and trotting, and their balance and ability to lightly trot, i.e. out of the saddle with movement, were rated along Ages 5 to 10 were allowed Years. In First Class, Carla Best and her lone mare, four-year-old Issey Pizzi, managed to impress the judges and were delighted with the gold ribbon! Alicia Marie Sasek followed Lily Fee and Magdalena Wolf on the Nena, both from RFV Nieder-Florstadt.

The youth competitions were occupied exclusively by the two clubs Nieder-Wöllstadt and Nieder-Florstadt: in the second division, Nala Hothum beat Lilly Fee of Nieder-Florstadt ahead of fellow club Greta Nolte over Nena and Lotte Walter of the host over Carlos carinho.

Things got exciting during the last test of the event: the Caprilli test demonstrates basic dressage and show jumping skills. Named after Italian Federico Caprilli, this test features a mix of dressage lessons with trot poles and small obstacles. Lenny Schweinfurth celebrated her graceful Ophelia win, followed by Anna Best on Kasimir and Mariella Granderath over Amy.

L-level dressage test winner: Francesca Rinker (RFV Nieder-Wöllstadt) on her horse Carlos Carreño. © Jürgen Kessler

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