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The power of compliments: Warm words make the other person feel really happy. Compliments can arouse or strengthen feelings.

Words can be powerful. When you think about feedback, you usually have cash in mind. One often anticipates the bad directly, because the good is rarely communicated honestly. Compliments are especially important in communication. These feelings elicit happiness and ensure that people feel valued.

In short: compliments strengthen relationships, both at work and in private life. The right moment and the right choice of words are crucial to achieving a lasting positive impact. In the following article there are tips for good compliments.

What are the compliments anyway?

compliments one Personal expression of admiration, appreciation, or appreciation. Therefore, it must be real and understandable. Even exaggerated compliments have the opposite effect, making those affected feel uncomfortable. For compliments to be received favorably, they should not be superficial, but It contains actual data about a person’s individual personality.

Everyone is happy to receive compliments, because they strengthen self-esteem and stimulate endorphins. Happy hormones like oxytocin are releasedSerotonin and dopamine are produced in the human body. The body immediately notices that something positive is happening. The bonding hormone oxytocin, for example, ensures that people bond. However, this also runs the risk of relying on compliments and thus addictive to recognition. After all, who wouldn’t want to get into high gear on a regular basis?

Compliments are very different from flattery. The difference lies in the logic. While flattery is often exaggerated or refers to qualities that do not exist, Tell the truth when praised. Phrases like “you are unique” are very general – after all, each person is unique. On the other hand, loving compliments on certain individual characteristics can touch the heart.

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The most beautiful compliments have nothing to do with appearance, but mostly with a person’s personality. While appearances are only superficial and unfortunately also fleeting, compliments on personality or character traits can boost self-esteem in the long run.

Top 10 most popular compliments as a list

These are the most common compliments:

1) “I love your sense of humor.”
2) “You are very smart.”
3) “You smell so good.”
4) “You make me feel good.”
5) “You have great charisma.”
6) “I think your smile is great.”
7) “You are incredibly lovable.”
8) “You have great style/taste.”
9) “Your opinion is very important to me.”
10) “You can steal horses.”

Everyone is also delighted with this wonderful compliment: “With you I am happier than ever.”

10 compliments for women

Although women also love compliments on their looks, beauty, or the way they dress, phrases with deeper meaning are remembered for longer.

1) “You are irreplaceable to me.”
2) “You are a strong woman, I admire you for that.”
3) “You are a wonderful person.”
4) “I’ve never met anyone like you.”
5) “You make everyone around you so happy.”
6) “I am grateful to you every day.”
7) “You make me feel safe.”
8) “I don’t know what I would do without you.”
9) “To me, you are perfect just the way you are.”
10) “I’m incredibly proud of you.”

10 compliments for men

Guys also love to hear compliments – even if they sometimes don’t like to admit it. However, unlike women, men get much less warm words. These compliments are suitable for men:

1) “You make me laugh more than anyone else.”
2) “You are everything to me.”
3) “You make me feel safe and secure.”
4) “I am incredibly proud of you.”
5) “You are a really good listener.”
6) “I can always count on you.”
7) “Your laugh makes me so happy.”
8) “You amaze me every day.”
9) “You are one of the smartest people I know.”
10) “To me you are perfect as you are.”

Compliments like “You’re so cute” don’t appeal to most men.

10 sweet compliments

For example, on a first date, pleasant compliments can spark interest and make you feel good. 10 cute compliments anyone would appreciate:

1) “You shine from within.”
2) “I admire your quick wit.”
3) “I love laughing with you.”
4) “Your good mood / Contagious laughter.”
5) “You’re really strong, I’m amazed at how you handle all this.”
6) “I always have fun with you.”
7) “You always make me feel good.”
8) “You make me a better person.”
9) “Your smile is great, what makes you so happy?”
10) “I’m so glad you took the extra time for me.”

10 funny compliments

Fun compliments are particularly well received. These hilarious compliments are sure to get a smile or a hearty laugh.

1) “You are getting prettier every day and you really look next week.”
2) “You are the sweetest temptation – though there is chocolate.”
3) “I like you a little more than I originally planned.”
4) “I’ll leave my phone in my pocket for you.”
5) “Your corners match my edges well.”
6) “You look really cool today. If we weren’t dating already, I would have approached you.”
7) “You have a wonderful husband/wife.”
8) “You are the most beautiful woman/man I have seen in the last three minutes.”
9) “I was walking barefoot across the tiles for you.”
10) “You can have anyone if you want. But you’re not, you please me.”

What makes a good compliment?

Bad praise is not only shown as clumsy, but is sometimes seen as an insult or criticism. Generalizations like “You women are great in cooking” don’t go well, because they include all other women and say nothing of the recipient.

Best regards hit the recipient in the heart and reach him. It also captures the personality and highlights the positive qualities of the person. If you don’t know the person you’re talking to well enough, you need to be careful about compliments so that you can praise them sincerely.

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Why should you pay more praise

There are many reasons for more compliments in everyday life: that’s why you should start incorporating more compliments into your daily interactions.

– It costs nothing
– Compliments are balm for the soul
Everyone loves affirmation
– The relationship/bond is strengthened
Compliments can significantly improve mood
– You learn something about yourself
– Stimulate compliments
– You can express your appreciation and appreciation
Compliments increase self-esteem
Those who compliment successfully feel good

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