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Parents are responsible for providing for their children – even if they are over 18 and in vocational training. However, there are also limits.

If you have children, you have to pay for them – that doesn’t just end when you turn 18. If the children are in their first vocational training, the parents must pay the alimony. However, in turn, the child must be goal-oriented and quick in training. Read here the conditions under which you are required to provide financial support for your adult children.

Children over 18: Parents are also responsible for maintenance if children no longer live at home

In principle, children are entitled to alimony if they are still attending school and are not married. If the child still lives in the father’s or mother’s home, the same rules apply to underage children. Alimony depends on the income of both parents. The Düsseldorf table applies to the age group of 18 years. However, the main difference is that the child no longer needs care – this means that both parents have to pay cash alimony. These are calculated based on income. The parent with whom the child lives in the home can meet the alimony and pocket money.

Parents must also pay alimony to their adult children if they are in vocational training. © Alexander Limbach/Imago

Support for adult children who no longer live at home

If the child no longer lives in the home with the parents, the child is entitled to a fixed needs rate that is independent of the parents’ income. This is currently €860 (as of January 2022), which includes housing subsidy. If the parents separate, they must pay alimony expenses in proportion to each other’s income.

Children over 18: rest periods should be short

The transition between school, training and study should be kept short. The recovery time between school and the start of training or study should not last more than two months. If a place at the university is associated with a longer waiting period, the child must go to work in the meantime in order to earn at least part of his livelihood.

Parents do not necessarily have to fund a spouse residence or voluntary social year. If the voluntary social year serves directly to prepare for a course of study or is used for general professional guidance, the parents are responsible for maintenance. The situation is different with residency in au – this is not a training per se – but if the child is enrolled in a foreign university, there may be a dependency claim, such as portal financial advice explained. If the child subsequently begins school or begins vocational training after spending a year abroad, the parents will again be responsible for alimony.

Children in training: the training salary is taken into account

In principle, children in vocational training are entitled to alimony. However, the training allowance is reimbursed for maintenance, and only travel expenses and training allowance can be deducted at a flat rate of €100 per month. If children change their training occupation, parents must continue to pay alimony, and this claim can also exist if the child left university and then began training.

In some cases, parents also pay alimony upon completion of the first apprenticeship

If a child completes a first apprenticeship and immediately proceeds to a professional degree, the parents can also be responsible for supporting the second apprenticeship. It can look different if there was a lot of time between them when the child worked in the profession in question. Then it may be the case that parents cannot count on further education. Even if the studies have nothing to do with training, it may be the case that parents are still responsible for maintenance. financial advice It shows a case in which a child first did an apprenticeship at the bank and then began studying to become a teacher – parents were then responsible for the maintenance.

Child support up to master’s degree – must apply for BAFOG

If a child wishes to obtain a master’s degree after completing a bachelor’s degree, the parents are still responsible for alimony. Parents do not have to pay for a subsequent Ph.D. Even a possible change of subject up to the second semester does not change the maintenance obligation. Child benefit may be deducted from child support, but it must be provided to children afterwards. During their studies, children must apply for a Bafög, which is also counted towards the maintenance.

Supporting Adult Children: Parents’ Self-Support Increases

When children no longer live at home, personal needs usually increase. scheduled out loud financial advice Special needs €1,400 per month. Based on the parents’ additional income, and lack of self-support, alimony is then divided between both parents.

Parents’ ability should be taken into consideration

As in the site pile Indicated, the potential alimony obligation can be omitted if it is not expected of the parents because of their age or economic viability. If the parents’ income is too low to secure their old-age pension, they will no longer have to finance their studies if the child has already completed vocational training and can earn money in the profession they learned.

Duty of alimony for children over 18 – no standard solution

There is no comprehensive solution as to when children are entitled to alimony. The individual case should always be examined, and there should also be proportionality. For example, if a child is 18 years old and is doing vocational training where the training allowance covers maintenance requirements, the parents may not have to pay alimony.

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