It is said that strangers tried to lure children into the car

At the end of August, strangers were said to have tried to get three Weiner kids to ride in their car. As announced by the police media office, the incident is said to have taken place on either August 29 or 30. However, the report was not received by the police until Thursday.

dark car

According to this, a man and a woman are said to have approached the children on Ahornstrasse around 8 am and asked to get into their darkened car. The children did not comply with this request. The police began investigating the facts and asking witnesses for information.”

At the same time, it appeals not to participate in the publication of unverified information about the case, especially on social media. Anyone who can provide information is asked to contact Weener Police directly at 04951-914820 or Leer at 0491-976900.

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This is what LKA recommends

In order to protect children from potential gossip, the Lower Saxony State Criminal Police Office (LKA) advises parents to talk to children about such potential situations and prepare them. However, raising concerns should be avoided. A foundation of trust with children should be built and maintained so that boys and girls can also report on special events in the home.

Explain the false promises

Also important: “Children should be reminded time and time again that they are not allowed to go with anyone or ride in someone else’s car without parental permission,” continues LKA on its prevention website. In addition, children should never approach vehicles even if something is asked of them, whether by a man or a woman. In addition, youngsters should realize that promises such as sweets or even the possibility of being able to pet a young dog are lies and they should not fall in love with them.

let say no

“Kids need to know that they can and probably always say no to adults,” the LKA explains. “They should also realize that they don’t have to talk to strangers and don’t need to give them any information either.” Police Tip: The exclamation point “No, I don’t want that!” Parents should practice with their children. However, boys and girls should travel in groups whenever possible, knowing that strangers will never pick them up, no matter what strangers may say to them.

Parents need to listen

Parents themselves should listen carefully when their children report experiences, abuse, threats, or observations, not blaming potential wrongdoing and praising them for trust. Police also advise: School bags or backpacks should not bear the child’s name or address, as offenders can use this to build trust. At the same time, children should know that in an emergency they can always run away and call for help and they should not hide.

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