Nosferatu spider in Germany: How to keep the insect out of the house

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Nosferatu Spider: How to keep a poisonous spider out of the house

The poisonous spider Nosferatu appears more and more in Germany

The poisonous spider Nosferatu appears more and more in Germany

The poisonous spider Nosferatu was recently seen at NRW in the Coesfeld region.

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The Nosferatu spider is found frequently in Germany – especially in Your Four Walls. How can this be prevented?

Berlin. The spider nosferatu She will make Germany her home. In the context of climate change, the harmless creeper mainly spreads north from the Mediterranean region. Although the venom of Zoropsis spinimana is not dangerous, many people do not want the spider as a household guest. How can you prevent the Nosferatu spider from making itself comfortable in your four walls?

In principle, it is very difficult spider nosferatu outside the house or apartment. Females of this species are about four centimeters long, males are slightly smaller. Animals can enter through the smallest openings. Read more about: Amazon, Zalando & Co.: These Pests Lie in the Mail

Anyone who encounters an animal should remain calm. Instead of holding them with your hands, grab a cup and a piece of paper. The spider grabbed it and released it into the open air. so hold spider Preferably from your home.

in addition to risk Wants to reduce intrusion has several options.

Nosferatu Spider: Blocked Windows

First, you must find the largest openings in a file Homepage Handling: windows. Fly screens relatively reliably ensure that unwanted multi-legged friends stay out. This is especially true if you are fanning out late at night.

According to the State Office for Nature Conservation, the Environment and Consumers in North Rhine-Westphalia Zoropsis spinimana So far only seen at night. During the day they seem to hide.

Banish Nosferatu spiders: close the small holes and clean the hiding places

Do you care Window With this attention, the next thing you should do is patch up the small cracks and other openings. Check window frames, door frames and sills and their filler, preferably with silicone or another suitable compound.

You should also check and clean common spiders’ hiding places frequently, such as the backs of pictures, dark corners, or places where there are a lot of things that move a little.

Keep the Nosferatu Spider out of the house: These scents can help

also with essential oils You can keep your home reasonably spider-free. Strong-smelling oils such as those in lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, or cinnamon are unpleasant to spiders. To apply, mix one of the oils with water in a ratio of 1: 9. Then fill a spray bottle and spray it in suitable places. These include:

  • window frames
  • door
  • Dark corners in the apartment or house
  • The appearance of the pictures
  • The undersides of bookshelves or similar furniture

How successful spider nosferatu – Or other spiders – can be kept away with these home remedies that are not definitively cleared. Some experts doubt its usefulness.

For example, the director of biosciences for the State Museum of Natural History in Karlsruhe told the Rheinische Post that the concentration should be so high that it is uncomfortable even for humans. Also interesting: More and more chain snakes are found in Germany – a big concern

Nosferatu Spider: Meaningful Guest

In the end, you can also consider if you want to keep the spider out of the house at all. Because even if it’s not nice to look at some, spider nosferatu Like many of its species, it hunts other unwanted insects, such as fruit flies.

The amber cockroach, which meanwhile has become popular in urban areas, is also part of the prey. Karlsruhe Museum of Natural History assumes that Zoropsis spinimana It has a positive effect on population control – in other words, the spider eats the cockroach. In the case of the Nosferatu spider, this can be done without a net. The spider pounces on its prey. It spins the webs just for its brood.

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