Now is it better to buy Lucky Block V1 or V2?

Many are currently wondering if that is better Lucky Block V1 or V2 to buy. Because the new upgrade can It brings great risks and opportunities. Smart investors may succeed in the current environment Huge profits to earn if they are early position. You will find below ALL ABOUT LBLOCK V1 AND V2 In addition to what is possible The long-awaited repercussions of the bridge launch. Read the article now so you don’t miss anything in the development of Lucky Block!

Why was V2 introduced and what are the differences?

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Originally, Lucky Block was based on a BEP-20 codewhich in the meantime V1 a favour. In this one must 12% transaction fee be programmed that Platinum LBLOCK and NFT token holders rewarded.

subordinate LBLOCK V1 stand out too Lower transaction costs And the Quick Transfers because of SmartChain Binance Outside. Currency fees, however, should Reduce speculative behavior and attract long-term investors.

However, in this context Technical difficulties arose with the evils of the central vault. to repair and Improve scalability then became V2 as ERC-20 token introduced.

Moreover, V2-Coin is mainly intended for Use in central trading places Think. So he must do for one larger distribution And therefore better Liquidity Anxiety, which in turn It can improve stability.

In addition, V2 Lucky Block now unlocks one Great variety of opportunities Through contact options. This is how it will be in the future Interactions with other smart contracts, DApps, NFTs, games, metaverses and more are possible.

That’s why Lucky Block also offers a file Chance to become one of the biggest gambling operators within the metaverse. especially NFT . lottery could for players And many other users Interesting new idea is being. by Early positioning in the growth market then pass Greater chances of success.

However, some investors have not yet decided to exchange their V1 coins into V2 coins. However, hmm V2 is more liquid With 6 times greater trading volume and a basic one Smallest Max Width.

So you can get a better overview of Differences between V1 and V2 From Lucky Block, below is one Overview:

Differences between Lucky Block Coins V1 and V2

Currency V1 Version 2
to use Gambling and back trading tool
Blockchain SmartChain Binance Ethereum
network fee a little high
Currency Fee 12% 0%
commercial places decentralization Center
Speed quickly slow
Rewards yes number
Course 0.0003949 USD 0.002146 USD
release 01/28/2022 08/17/2022
Fully used market value $395,0865 $7,801,016
Trading volume $70,823 471703 dollars
Max width 100 billion 3.65 billion

What happened to the Lucky Block Bridge?

Upgrade from Lucky-Block-V1 to V2 and results - you'd better buy LBLOCK V1 or V2 now

announced that Build a bridge between the two currencies It must be. Then save this to one price parityso for one Connect the two sessions. In addition, there is also a file Flawless exchange between the two tokens and the blockchain Scheme.

Through the bridge then When buying V1 coins, the same number of V2s are also blocked in the other network. So that it evolves too Rolling width is always the same. However there So far more than 27 times in V1 than V2.

Investors must 0.88 V2 received a token for every V1 in return. So you can, for example with an investment of 100 € any round 253.229 Compatible LBLOCK V1after, after Conversion rate 0.88 So 222.841 LBLOCK V2.0 to get. in Price 0.002146 dollars However, this has a much higher value than 478 €.

For this So that investors can make big profits from launching the bridgeAnd the As long as the courses remain in a similar relationship with each other. If conditions remain the same, that will of course be the case 5.4 times cheaper V1 Even after the exchange fee is still increased with a value of 478 % Make it more attractive.

However, the question arises What happens if you hold V1 coins for longer He carries. After all, you must correspond to the same course. In theory, at least this would exist The possibility of exceeding the exchange fee in this way. But also in terms of profit sharing, V1 seems to be the most interesting option to be.

Until now However, the bridge is not yet operational. Because before that she must Binance Preferred Security Firms Certic Check for vulnerabilities will. This is to avoid vulnerabilities in the code such as the $622 million Axie Infinity hack.

Lucky Block List on

This is so far Biggest List Now waiting for Lucky Block with the Compared to many other commercial places, Coins don’t just buy their lists. Instead, they become one It is subject to an exchange review process. this looks Lucky Block is now successfully completed to have. It must then be traded September 1 Get started in the stock market.

Views from Lucky Block

In addition, Lucky Block still delivers Many exciting updates. Because now it just isn’t there anymore Win a Million Dollars in Bitcoin and one Lamborghini. Instead it was too Many new lotteries included in the range. So far there Million Dollar Dream Homes, 5 Star Vacations and NFTs from Bored Ape Yacht Club. For this reason, you can probably Address other target groups Therefore increasing of demands will. who – which Currently the most attractive investment appears to be V1there With conversion fee or alignment with V2, a return of 478% and more can be achieved.

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